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ICPA Annual General Meeting 2020

Delegates who attended the ICPA Annual General Meeting, held digitally on 20 October 2020, heard the reports on ICPA’s activities, financial health and future plans. Three new board members were elected – Secretary Mark Inch, Agency Head, Florida Department of Corrections, USA, Mr. Paul Geurts, Prison Systems Advisor, Prison Systems Support, Netherlands, and Ms. Yong Lee SHIE, Commissioner of Prisons, Singapore Prison Service. Ms. Leann Bertsch, Sr. Vice President, Corrections Management and Training Corporation, United States was re-elected for a second term.


         Secretary Mark Inch                                         Mr. Paul Geurts                                             Ms. Yong Lee SHIE                            Ms. Leann Bertsch

ICPA would like to thank the departing Board Members: Mr. Bernie Warner, Mr. Desmond Chin, and Mrs. Ofra Klinger for their contribution to the association.

You can see the full list of our current Board Members here : See the List

Published on: 23 October 2020

Author: Aleksandar Petrov, Communications Officer, ICPA