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2015 ICPA Awards Winners!

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Awards Programme – a recognition for their contribution to the development and progress of the professional corrections.

Congratulations to the 2015 Winners:

Offender Management and Reintegration Award

Gobierno del Estado de Chihuahua – Mexico

The award was given because of the great success and significant efforts in implementing the standards of ACA within Gobierno del Estado de Chihuahua A long way has been walked from 2010 when 15 prisons, governed by the prisoners, full of weapons, alcohol and drugs, transformed into 8 optimised, well – managed and exemplary facilities with long – term programme for development.

A certificate of recognition in the Category of Offender Management and Reintegration was awarded to:

Jennifer Gallouzis – New South Wales

Jennifer Gallouzis has developed the first statistical instrument for predicting the risk of re – imprisonment in Australia. The tool is better known as CRES.

Management and Staff Training Award

Joe Marchese – USA

Joe Marchese is a consultant in the area of institutional and community corrections operations with over 35 years of experience in criminal justice. As an expert in correctional emergency preparedness, tactical team development, threat assessment and hostage negotiations – he has trained management and staff in over 35 states in the US, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. The trainings given by Joe Marchese are essential part of the security and stability within the community.

Correctional Healthcare Award

Rwanda Correctional Service  –  Rwanda

A large – scale project has been developed in Rwanda. It is a perfect example of symbiosis between healthcare and waste management. The problem with the harmful toilet waste has been solved by using innovative technology which turns the waste into biogas for cooking. It is a productive collaboration between the local authorities, the Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management, International Committee of the Red Cross and the government of the Netherlands. It is a great success and a big step ahead.



Community Corrections Award

Dr. James Bonta – Canada

The award was given for the outstanding contribution of Dr. Bonta. His remarkable techniques are fundamental in the world of corrections. The “strategic training initiatives in community supervision” is one of his best known techniques and it is designed to enhance the skills of probation officers to include structured one to one intervention techniques that target the criminogenic needs of medium and high risk offenders in the community.

Research Award

Dr. Elisabeth Grant -Australia

Dr. Grant has spent 15 years of research and finding the most appropriate environment for incarcerated aboriginal people around the world. Her work has led to greater understanding of the needs of aboriginal prisoners by correctional agencies, architects and others. Her research has also led to the development of minimum standards for aboriginal prisoners and the design of adapted prisons.

Outstanding Correctional Service Employee Award

James Bulger – Australia

James Bulger has undertaken the role of acting operations manager for the operational interface and commissioning in a significant expansion project started in 2010 – The Hopkins Correctional Centre. Under his management the expansion of the facility’s capacity – from 382 to 798 ran smoothly and without any major issues. He is a role model of professionalism and a leader.



Outstanding Correctional Service Employee Award

Anne Hooker – Australia

Anne Hooker has been given a critical and important responsibility -to create a new unit that provides an environment for young offenders to feel safe and secure within an adult prison, to prevent the risk of youth suicide in custody and to unlock the potential of these young prisoners. As a result of her work, many young prisoners have gained crucial skills and even learned how to set-up business. Her programmes – “structured day” and the “small – business programme” have laid the foundations of the modern reintegration.

Head of Service Award

Nils Öberg – Sweden 

As a director-general of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Mr. Öberg has been involved in various important international cooperation initiatives – part of his staff has been deployed in UN peace keeping operations in Liberia, Mali, Somalia, Caribbean and  Democratic Republic of Congo, Bilateral collaborations in Kenya. Nils Öberg is also doing a project to strengthen the Albanian Rule of Law and a strategic project in Ukraine.

President’s Award

Denise Robinson   – USA

Denise Robinson is a President and CEO of Alvis House, Inc Because of her and the organization that she leads people who work in the corrections field, people who are deemed offenders, government agencies, and other NGOs are better prepared to enjoy productive contributory lives. She played a key role in establishing the policies of supporting prison as a last resort, developing strategic and operational plans, and implementing the defined strategies. The established partnership between Public Sector the Non-Governmental Sector has resulted in bettering the overall environment within the sector – Ohio has one of the lowest recidivism rates.