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8th Edition of the Advancing Corrections Journal & Call for Papers: Issue #9

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the eighth issue of the journal “Advancing Corrections”.

This Edition of Advancing Corrections gets to the core of what is perhaps the most significant way we can truly ‘advance’ in creating quality correctional services – through investment in our staff! Our operational staff who make things happen on-the-ground, whether working in prisons or community settings, are being asked increasingly to become multi-tasking experts in dealing with a whole spectrum of complicated human conditions – not just criminality as usually understood but addiction, trauma, mental illness, radicalization, sexual deviance, entrenched gang identities, sadistic violence, and on it goes. These staff have to constantly refresh and learn new skills to deal with new problems. They have to learn to cope with their emotional world without disengaging. They have to stay committed in the face of change and innovate in the face of shrinking resources. We ask a lot. Hopefully, this Edition of Advancing Corrections can contribute to a dialogue about how we can begin giving back and seriously invest in their well-being and professionalism.

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Advancing Corrections Journal Edition #9 – Call for Papers Closes on 15th February 2020!

Theme of the Issue #9: “Treatment & Management of the Mentally Ill and Mentally Unwell in Corrections”

The Journal invites submission of papers that can be digested and appreciated by practitioners, managers, policy-makers and other correctional professionals. Authors are welcomed to submit papers for one of three sections of the Journal. Featured Research Articles should be more research oriented and scholarly, including the usual practice of referencing the relevant literature. Another section called Views and Reviews welcomes shorter and thoughtful discussions of a particularly relevant or emerging issue/topic. And finally, a section we are calling Practice Innovation in Corrections would like to profile what is going on in a given agency/jurisdiction that is especially innovative and can be of interest broadly to others.

The Theme for the 9th Edition of Advancing Corrections will be on the Treatment & Management of the Mentally Ill and Mentally Unwell in Corrections. It is well accepted that Prisons have now become the New Asylums. In Community Corrections, dealing with the intensity and multiplicity of needs of the mentally ill has become both incredibly difficult to coordinate and exceedingly draining of resources. Correctional staff have had to become experts in working not just with criminality but with individuals suffering from a whole range of mental disorders. In this Edition, we want to hear from both researchers and practitioners about how corrections systems have stepped up to face this pervasive issue. We welcome both evidence and practice-informed discussions of how we can work more effectively with the mentally ill and mentally unwell within correctional settings. The focus of papers can range from:

  • Quantitative or qualitative research documenting the extent of the problem of the mentally ill in corrections;
  • The variety of issues faced by the mentally ill and the staff dealing with them both in prisons and under community supervision;
  • Description of innovative aspects of the mental health delivery systems in particular jurisdictions, including coordinated strategies to divert these individuals from the justice-system;
  • Research on improving offender assessment procedures, case management and/or sentence planning, programming or other broader service-delivery strategies;
  • Strategies for the more effective and humane management of the mentally ill (e.g., in order to avoid resorting to administrative segregation);
  • Attention to correctional environment issues more generally (e.g., prison architecture) as a humane alternative for managing the mentally ill;
  • Research on the impact of professional development and/or specialist training of staff;
  • Any other innovation which illustrates a purposeful strategy for more humane management of the mentally ill in corrections.

In summary, what we are looking for are examples that have direct and practical application in improving corrections operations and effectiveness for dealing with the mentally ill, either in the prison or the community context..

In submitting your manuscript, we ask that you provide a succinct summary of how your paper relates to this theme. As with previous Editions of Advancing Corrections, preference will be given to manuscripts which show respect for evidence and where either qualitative or quantitative evaluation has been conducted.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Dr. Frank Porporino, Ph.D., Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Network and Editor of Advancing Corrections ( A copy should also be forwarded to the ICPA Communications Officer, Aleksandar Petrov, at the ICPA Head Office (


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