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About ICPA

ICPA, for the Advancement of Professional Corrections

ICPA is an innovative, learning platform which enhances international and inter-agency co-operation. We actively promote policies and standards for humane and effective correctional policies and practices, assisting in their development and implementation.

We believe that imprisonment is a last resort and support the development of alternative sanctions and community corrections. We believe in integrity and professionalism, the sharing of ideas and partnerships. We believe in the capacity for positive change in individuals, their dignity and the duty to protect their rights.

How we work

ICPA works with Local Organising Committees across the world to bring our major annual conference and regional events to the doorsteps of prison and corrections professionals. Outside of our events we continue to encourage discussions, networking and partnerships via workshops, Network Groups, social media and interactive online services. ICPA has collaborated and formed agreements with partner organisations for standards-setting in both Africa (the Abuja Declaration) and in Latin America (the Barbados Declaration), and has pledged to work together with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping in a concerted manner to address the many challenges facing prison systems, particularly in developing and post-conflict environments (the UNDPKO Declaration).

The Association also works towards the improvement of professionalism through its Correctional Leadership Academy and Staff Training initiatives. Our Network Groups support and advance our aims through their efforts which focus on Community Corrections, External Prison Oversight and Human Rights, Planning and Design, Technology Solutions, Staff Training & Development, Research, and Healthcare.

To enhance our engagement with members on a local level, our recent advancements towards the establishment of Regional Chapters has seen the formation of the ICPA-Latin America, ICPA-North America and ICPA-Europe groups. These regional groups help to strengthen the connection with our members, increasing our reach and accessibility, and to progress the aims and values of ICPA.

In recognising achievement ICPA’s annual Correctional Excellence Awards gives special recognition to our distinguished colleagues in the field for their work towards advancing professional corrections.

ICPA Events

One of ICPA’s achievements is its ability to bring unique conferences and events to every part of the world. Over the years our Association has organised many international and regional events, gathering together thousands of correctional professionals to participate in this inclusive, safe and secure forum for the respectful exchange of ideas, technology and best practices. Our flagship Annual Conference attracts attendees from some 70+ countries with some 500 delegates representing a broad geographical area and from a multitude of background and sectors.

These events are typically hosted by National/State Prison and Correctional Agencies and ICPA works closely with the Local Organising Committees in ensuring their success. The key feature of an ICPA conference is our focus on delivering a full and varied programme, one which is designed to maximise the benefits and options to our delegates.

Organising these international events is a huge undertaking, and like many other events the success of an ICPA conference also depends on the support of its members and event sponsors. Our conferences allow a number of opportunities for special recognition and exhibition space for vendors of correctional products and service provision.

As a corrections professional, attending an ICPA event is an experience you don’t want to miss!

  • Share, collaborate and learn with others
  • Gain global recognition as a leader in corrections
  • Present your work among other experts and professionals
  • Network within the largest international corrections community
  • Showcase your best practices and products worldwide
  • Create business opportunities and contacts