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Training in Corrections

ICPA promotes correctional staff training and development based on modern, effective, humane, ethical, and values-based principles that are intended to enhance the professional delivery of effective correctional services. ICPA promotes evidence-based training materials, methods and working tools that meet the intent and spirit of international standards and rules. The following principles for staff training and development in corrections are recommended for consideration by correctional agencies for inclusion in agency policy. They are to:

  • Ensure that staff supervising or working with offenders receive training that is focussed on the key responsibilities for their role and as much as practicable that training is offered prior to staff commencing in their roles;
  • Provide regular refresher training and developmental opportunities in the key competencies for staff working in correctional environments;
  • Structure training programs as much as possible in a practical way to assist staff understanding the risks, needs and rights of offenders they work with and to work effectively and safely in a professional environment;
  • As applicable, offer training on the particular risks and needs of specific offender groups such as women, young offenders, indigenous people, the mentally ill, addicted, violent, elderly and radicalized and terrorist offenders;
  • For correctional officers ensure that the training is comprehensive and balanced between static security related skills and dynamic intervention competencies related to effective offender management;
  • Update training programs and training methods on a regular basis to ensure the training reflects research based learning, and the values and ethics of effective correctional service delivery;
  • Utilise worldwide available expertise to ensure that training is consistent with professional standards and evidence based learning;
  • Obtain feedback from trainees on the usefulness of training programs and use the feedback to improve lesson plans and training curricula; and
  • Ensure that supervisors, managers and correctional leaders are provided the appropriate ethical and values based leadership training to lead a professional group of correctional employees.

The ICPA is committed to assist countries with enhancing their correctional leadership and management capacity.

This founding statement of ICPA was approved by the ICPA Board on 26 May 2015 and ratified by the members of the Corporation on the Annual General Meeting Melbourne 27 October 2015