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Mission, Vision and Values

Who We Are: ICPA’s Aims for Advancing Professional Corrections

Our Mission

  • To promote and share ethical and effective correctional practices to enhance public safety and healthier communities world-wide

Our Vision

  • To be the recognized leader for the advancement of professional and humane corrections and prisons world-wide

Our Values

  • Effective community corrections and the use of imprisonment only as a last resort;
  • Integrity and professionalism;
  • The sharing of ideas, knowledge, values and experience and working in partnership;
  • The capacity of individuals to change for the better and the need to support them;
  • The dignity of all individuals and the duty to protect their rights.

Our Objectives

  • To maintain ICPA as an innovative, learning organization, promoting and disseminating good practice;
  • To enhance co-operation between regions, countries, public, private and voluntary sectors involved in corrections and prisons;
  • To develop and promote policies and standards for professional and humane corrections and prisons;
  • To influence governments, policy-makers and the public to adopt humane and effective correctional policies and practices and assist in their implementation.

The Way Forward: How we aim to deliver value to members through our events, training and knowledge sharing

  • Delivering world class conferences and events
  • Facilitating transformational correctional leadership training;
  • Facilitating the implementation of evidence-based offenders interventions.

Our Strategic Focal Points: Key Areas of Focus in our Activities

  • Reducing Reoffending
  • Effective Community Corrections
  • Investing in Staff
  • Offender Population-Specific Strategies
  • Enabling Strategies

Read our Business Plan 2020-22 for more detail on our strategic focus and key activities for the coming period: Business Plan 2020-22