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Advancing Corrections Journal: Call for Papers for Issue #12

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, appreciation for correctional healthcare has ascended within correctional services worldwide struggling with ways to keep staff and prisoners both physically and emotionally healthy.  In many ways, however, the delivery of healthcare services in corrections has always presented challenges. The challenges are different in developed and developing countries, in large or small prisons and jails, and for providing services in institutional settings versus the community. The healthcare status and range of health issues for those in detention, and for arriving prisoners and probationers, can vary dramatically from one jurisdiction to another.  Different models are adopted for the provision of healthcare and resources to provide consistency and breadth of services can be a persistent issue even for the most advanced correctional services around the world.

For this Edition of Advancing Corrections, we want to explore the spectrum of issues and challenges facing correctional services in providing quality healthcare, both in dealing with physical ailments and disease and in promoting good physical and emotional health. Our theme for the Edition is ‘Innovation in Correctional Healthcare’ and we particularly welcome contributions that emphasize ‘new’ models of practice that are smart, cost-effective, comprehensive and practical.

We want to welcome contributions that focus on:

  • Applied research that examines some of the key issues and challenges facing correctional healthcare, including studies or surveys that document the scope of health problems among individuals in detention or under community supervision;
  • Discussion of the kinds of standards of practice that correctional healthcare should strive to meet, including whether and how community standards can serve as a guidepost;
  • Correctional oversight analysis of how correctional healthcare can be measured, monitored or evaluated for outcomes and quality;
  • Examples of best practice in delivery of healthcare services, and especially those that have been evaluated as leading to improved health outcomes, both for individuals in detention or under community supervision;
  • Examples of cost-effective models for delivery of healthcare services (e.g., public-private sector partnerships);
  • Research on the impact of professional development and/or specialist training of healthcare staff;
  • Applications of new technology for improvement in the delivery of healthcare or for health promotion (e.g., tele-health, wristbands to monitor prisoners’ vital signs …etc.)

We welcome both evidence and practice-informed contributions for any of these topic areas. More generally, however, we especially welcome discussion of innovation in delivery of services through partnership with NGOs and the private sector, with the application of new technology, and with the most recent developments in healthcare delivery.

In submitting your manuscript, we ask that you provide a succinct summary of how your paper relates to the Theme for the Edition.  As with previous Editions of Advancing Corrections, preference will be given to manuscripts which show respect for evidence and where either qualitative or quantitative analysis is provided.

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Published on: 2 April 2021

Author: Aleksandar Petrov, Communications Officer, ICPA