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Advancing Corrections Journal – Call for Papers: Issue #8

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for Advancing Corrections Journal – Issue #8!

The Journal invites submission of papers that can be digested and appreciated by practitioners, managers, policy-makers and other correctional professionals. Authors are welcomed to submit papers for one of three sections of the Journal. Featured Research Articles should be more research oriented and scholarly, including the usual practice of referencing the relevant literature. Another section called Views and Reviews welcomes shorter and thoughtful discussions of a particularly relevant or emerging issue/topic. And finally, a section we are calling Practice Innovation in Corrections would like to profile what is going on in a given agency/jurisdiction that is especially innovative and can be of interest broadly to others.

The theme for the 8th Edition of Advancing Corrections will revolve around one of ICPA’s key strategic focal points ‘Investing in Staff’. Although it is well accepted that delivery of effective correctional services hinges on the support and commitment of staff, quite often very little is done to nurture and sustain the morale of our staff, whether line-staff or managers, and whether in prisons or community settings. Investing in staff should be more than a slogan. It should be expressed in practical, integrated and focused ways that can serve both to build up the skills to manage demanding workloads and lessen the burden of pursuing a stress-infused ‘correctional career’. Increasingly, we are recognizing the consequences of the constant onslaught of workplace stress on staff in corrections – it can not only disturb and traumatize the individual staff member but can also de-motivate and disrupt the human helping spirit to become instead just focused on day-to-day survival. In order to provide more effective services to our justice-involved clientele, we need to mobilize and channel the energy, expertise and dedication of all of our staff.
For this Edition, we welcome both evidence and practice-informed discussions of how we can address the needs of our staff within correctional settings. The focus of papers can range from:

  • Documentation of the effects of workplace stress and/or trauma on our staff;
  • Innovative approaches for improving the mental health, well-being and resiliency of our staff, both through new training initiatives or programs and/or broader, system-wide introduction of a staff wellness focus;
  • Strategies for effective recruitment, retention and selection for promotion of staff;
  • Professional development and specialist training of staff from beginning and throughout their careers;
  • Evidence informed discussions of the relational skills, personal qualities and expertise needed by staff to work effectively with justice-involved individuals;
  • Range of methods for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of staff within correctional environments (e.g., through creative application of technology);
  • Any other innovation which illustrates a purposeful strategy of ‘investing in staff’.

In submitting your manuscript, we ask that you provide a succinct summary of how your paper relates to this theme. As with previous Editions of Advancing Corrections, preference will be given to manuscripts which show respect for evidence and where either qualitative or quantitative evaluation has been conducted.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Dr. Frank Porporino, Ph.D., Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Network and Editor of Advancing Corrections ( A copy should also be forwarded to the ICPA Communications Officer,(, at the ICPA Head Office.

The Call for Papers for Issue #8 has concluded.