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Art and Prison’s 5th International Art Competition

„Back to life” is the theme of the fifth international art competition that the non-profit organization Art and Prison e.V. is announcing for imprisoned individuals.

Artworks from women, men and adolescents in correctional institutions will be awarded prizes.

A jury of art experts will decide the winners.

If requested, the conditions of participation, information on how to make entries and a poster to print out that can be exhibited in the institution can also be sent in other languages.

Employees of prison administrations can find this information at

The artworks entered in the competition will become part of a unique collection of „prison art“ that will be shown throughout Europe in a travelling exhibition.

The international art competition 2020/21, the exhibition, accompanying publications and a targeted publicity campaign want to make the public aware of the realities of life in prison.

  • encourage prisoners to engage in the creation of art and give the public the opportunities to appreciate this art.
  • encourage prisoners to reflect on their lives through art und to use the freedom of art to create while living in conditions in which their freedom is otherwise non-existent.
  • overcome the exclusion of prisoners through the creativity of art and bring people „inside“ and „outside“ in contact with one another, if possible in a personal interaction.
  • convey positive impulses for personal development; promote personal interaction with other people that can contribute to security, re-socialization and reintegration into society.

The competition is international and will be announced in different languages.

If possible, each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

The ten best works will receive cash prizes.

In accordance with the legal statutes that govern it, Art and Prison e.V. pursues only non-profit, charitable purposes. Participation in the art competition entails the donation of the art work. In the event that the work is sold, proceeds flow only to the non-profit purpose of Art and Prison e.V. and the participants.

The entries can be shown to the public.

An internationally constituted jury is responsible for awarding the winners.

Their decisions are final and are not reviewable by the courts.

Please take note of the accompanying conditions of participation and the practical tips for labeling the competition entries.

Key features, conditions of participation, and practical tips

Patronage: Donata Freifrau Schenck zu Schweinsberg, Former Vice-president of the German Red Cross, President of the Foundation „daHeim im Leben“ and Michael Mendl, actor

Theme: „Back to life”

Entry deadline: October 15th 2020

Vernissage and exhibition of the art works: 23rd of June 2021 – 12th of September 2021, National Museum of Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Conditions of participation

Women, men and juveniles who, at the time of placing their entry, find themselves in prison, in remand pending deportation, under court-ordered supervision in hospitals or on work release, may participate in the competition. The entries must be created during this time. The entries can’t have previously been shown in a public exhibition or appeared in a publication. Each participant can enter only one artwork. Drawings, paintings and graphics may be entered that don’t exceed 60 x 80 cm. If possible, they should be framed or in a passepartout. Canvases must be hangable. An internationally constituted jury is responsible for awarding the winners. Their decisions are final and are not reviewable by the courts.

Costs: There is no participation fee. In substantiated cases assistance can be rendered in acquiring materials necessary to create the work. Mailing and transportations costs cannot be assumed by Art and Prison e.V.

Mailing address for the entries

Art and Prison e.V.

Wrangelstrasse 51

D-10997 Berlin – Germany

Labeling the works

– Name of participant

– Nationality of participant

– Country and name of prison with its address!

– Contact person at the prison

– Title of work and Signature

– Information regarding measurements and technique employed


Evaluation criteria: originality, realization of the theme, design quality. Jury decisions cannot be challenged in court. Participants and the public will be informed of the jury decisions.


First prize: 1.000 euros

Second prize: 500 euros

Third prize: 300 euros

Fourth to tenth prizes: 100 euros

Legal information and data protection

By entering an art work the participant declares that he/she has created the work and that he/she is the owner of all rights pertaining to the work. Art and Prison e.V. may display the work publicly free of charge under the name of the artist. The copyright remains with the artist in accordance with the law. The participants declare that they are the owners of all rights pertaining to the work and have the unrestricted right to utilize the work as they wish. Further, they declare that no third persons have any claims to the works and that no rights of third persons have been infringed in the depiction of persons. Art and Prison e.V. assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of the entries. The entries become property of Art and Prison e.V., which is legally recognized as a non-profit organization and uses the donations in form of the artworks in the service of its purposes. When necessary for reasons of data protection anonymity can be granted. By placing their entries the participants accept the conditions of participation. Art and Prison e.V. reserves the right to modify the conditions of participation. Decisions are not reviewable by the courts. We ask that entries not be made when the conditions of participation cannot be fulfilled. The decisions of the jury are final.

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Published on: 21 April 2020

Author: Aleksandar Petrov, Communications Officer, ICPA