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Beyond the Wall Summer Edition 2020

Beyond the Wall is a newsletter which comprises articles, opinions, interviews, case studies, researches and best practices from contributing authors and members across our Global Corrections Community. This newsletter is for those who would like to be kept informed with information across the prisons and correctional field and to stay abreast of what’s happening in our Association.

The 2020 Summer Edition of ICPA’s newsletter Beyond the Wall is now available. In this issue: Supervision Around the World (SAW) Project (USA), Changing practice in a pandemic – Community Corrections New South Wales (Australia), Sanctions and measures without deprivation of liberty increasingly used in Europe: New Survey (Europe), NIJ-Funded Research Examines What Works for Successful Reentry (USA), Tempus Novo tackling crime in their own unique way (United Kingdom).

If you want to become an Author and contribute to “Beyond the Wall”, please contact Aleksandar Petrov at

Published on: 31 July 2020


Author: Aleksandar Petrov, Communications Officer, ICPA