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CALL FOR PAPERS – 11th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

The organising committee invites submissions from organisations and individuals that are related to the theme “Incarceration Alternatives”.

This year’s theme will explore alternatives to high rates of imprisonment, particularly among women and Aboriginal Australians. In all states and territories imprisonment rates continue to rise. What are the systemic causes of high rates of imprisonment amongst particular groups and what are the changes needed to reduce them?

Sessions will include paper presentations (30 minutes), panels and workshops.

We are particularly interested in the following themes:

– Housing
– Employment
– Disability and the NDIS
– Over representation of Aboriginal Australians
– Women and the impact of imprisonment on families
– Aboriginal Women
– Young people
– Parole and parole breaches
– Diversion and early intervention
– Holistic service provision
– Addressing the structural issues that lead to over imprisonment.

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