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CCJ4C Project: Driver Mapping and Axes of Uncertainties in Career Management Competencies Workshop

ICPA is a partner in the European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Criminal Correctional Justice System (CCJ4C) Project. It aims to develop, test and set in place a working methodology for starting or improving the career guidance process in the criminal correctional justice (CCJ), focusing on the competencies needed to manage own career. This will be done with direct end user involvement (prison staff), employers (prison administrations), work place (prison), further training (companies and NGOs).

On 23 June 2021, one of our project partners – Timișoara Penitentiary, organized a workshop under the title of ‘Driver Mapping and Axes of Uncertainties in career management competencies’. In this workshop, the techniques “Driver Mapping” and “Axes of Uncertainty” were applied to identify the factors and uncertainties that influence the career management.

Read the report & learn more about the project:

Published on: 12 July 2021

Author: Aleksandar Petrov, Communications Officer, ICPA