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Correctional Excellence Awards

Outstanding work deserves recognition!

Hard work and dedication is what moves forward professional corrections. Ideas and implementing new innovations is what helps us to build a better future! Your progress and achievements are vital to the community as these advancements can be shared and learned by others for the betterment of the global corrections community.

The ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards Programme encourages such initiatives at international, national, institutional and community levels to promote our shared goals for the advancement of professional corrections.

Awards have been established for the following categories:

President’s Award

Recognizes an individual or an organization who has made an outstanding contribution to corrections and/or criminal justice and who exemplifies the values of the ICPA. Nominations are made by the President of ICPA for this unique award.

Offender Management and Reintegration

Recognizes outstanding programs which contribute to the safe reintegration of offenders into the community and reflect the respect for the dignity of all individuals.

Management and Staff Training

Recognizes the need for effective operations to support our correctional objectives.

Research Award

Reflects the ICPA’s values and objectives, underlining the importance of actions being grounded in knowledge and understanding.

Community Corrections Award

Recognizes exceptional work and innovative approaches in supporting offenders in the community; and acknowledges the vital role played by probation and parole in the work of the Association.

Correctional Healthcare Award

For special efforts in the treatment and care of offenders and/or the implementation of best practices towards the advancement of correctional healthcare services.

Outstanding Correctional Service Employee

Recognizes an individual line staff person for a specific act or characteristic of work that exemplifies professionalism, quality, and distinction in the conduct of his/her duties within a correctional environment.

Head of Service Award

Recognizes a Head of Service who has made an outstanding contribution to advance professional and humane prison and corrections in their country.

The ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards Programme 2019 has ended and winners will be announced during the ICPA Annual Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 27 October – 1 November 2019.

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