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Correctional Leadership Training in Namibia

ICPA’s Correctional Leadership Programme aims at advancing reforms in corrections through developing leadership and management capacity in prisons and community correctional Services in Africa.

A wave of reform in the way correctional Services should be delivered is clearly evident across the African continent. Many countries in Africa have initiated or are committed to an array of progressive reforms. Fundamentally, these reforms are intended to move correctional Services away from simply providing safe and humane custody and towards a more complex model of risk management with a focus on respect for human rights, offender reintegration and adoption of modern correctional strategies.

ICPA/UNDPKO/ACSA were signatories to the Abuja Declaration calling for the support of excellence in African corrections through inter-agency collaboration and capacity building aimed at allowing Africa to help Africa. African leaders in corrections, with their strong commitment and values supporting reforms, nonetheless need to rely on their existing cadre of staff and middle managers to carry out any reform agenda concretely and effectively.

This project aims to support these African correctional leaders through elaboration of a phased training and support scheme to develop the African ‘leaders of tomorrow’

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