15-17 May 2017

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  • Telio is an international, software-driven provider of communication and media system services and solutions to the prison industry.

    Today, Telio operates in 16 countries across Europe and the UAE. Our market share is continuing to grow every year. All systems and services provided by Telio adhere to highest security standards. Our focus is to deliver innovation and contribute to institutional peace and social rehabilitation. With Telio as your partner, you will benefit from our extensive and focused expertise. We have specialised exclusively in this field in Europe and UAE since 1998. Our competence, knowledge and experience is unrivalled.


    Telio Group
  • GTL leads the fields of correctional technology and inmate communications with visionary solutions that can be configured to support the needs of virtually any agency. Customized for corrections, our solutions integrate seamlessly to deliver security, financial value, and ease of operation for our valued customers.

    Inmate telephone systems, visitation management solutions, jail management systems, financial services, intelligence & investigative solutions, inmate tablets, and inmate education solutions are just a few offerings within GTL's comprehensive suite of integrated solutions that help facilities see the "big picture" and run more smoothly, more efficiently, and more securely.

    We help correctional departments gain an unprecedented view into every facet of their inmate populations and facilities, driving higher levels of control and safety and enabling them to meet today's and tomorrow's operational challenges with confidence. We also provide services that allow inmates to stay connected to their friends and family, which studies have shown is key to reducing recidivism. GTL is the trusted source for integrated technology solutions for the corrections market because we invest the time, energy, and resources needed to fully understand the unique challenges and issues faced by correctional facilities. As the industry leader, GTL knows what it takes to deliver cutting-edge technology and services for our customers.

    GTL continues to be at the forefront of the constantly evolving corrections market, with a history of always building the best products first-the first web-based inmate telephone platform, the first wireless tablet with the ability to make phone calls, the first web-based jail management system, and more. GTL is also the company that most correctional facilities consult with "first" before implementing new technology.

    Global Tel*Link (GTL)
  • Abilis Solutions

    Abilis is an established leader in the design, delivery and support of information-centric offender management solutions (OMS) for the global corrections market. The CORIS® OMS Platform, a modular, COTS-based solution, provides comprehensive coverage of corrections business processes, and evergreen technology strategy that ensures quick deployment and long-term flexibility. Collectively, CORIS® manages more than 240,000 offenders, probationers and parolees. Nearly 25,000 corrections professionals use CORIS® in more than 280 secure facilities and community corrections offices. Abilis Solutions is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with US divisions in Portland, Maine and Nashville, Tennessee, as well as offices in Europe.


    Abilis Solutions
  • Argus TrueID

    Argus TrueID is a world leader in biometric solutions. We have been working with businesses for over 18 years, delivering a mature suite of access control and identity management solutions that reduce costs by automating manual procedures and dramatically improving process efficiency, while providing certainty of identification. Our goal for every client is a convenient, fit-for-purpose solution that's easy to use.


    Argus TrueID
  • Core Systems (NI) Ltd.

    Core Systems is a software company specialising in offender-focused technology solutions. Our solutions, Direct2inmate and Direct2probationer are used by offenders in prison, on probation and serving community sentences. Using our solution(s) offenders can electronically access information and communicate securely, whilst carrying out tasks for themselves and maintaining their independence. It is designed to support offenders to break the cycle of re-offending by becoming actively involved in their rehabilitation.


    Core Systems (NI) Ltd.
  • e-BO Enterprises

    e-BO Enterprises provides technology for Prisons. Our flagship-product is PrisonCloud, a service platform for inmates which includes telephony, TV, e-learning, an electronic wallet, enquiries, video-on-demand and much more.

    We can assist you with counter-drone measures, CCTV, Mobile phone jamming and perimeter detection. Therefore we integrate solutions from different vendors to offer the most robust solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

    e-BO Enterprises
  • G4S

    G4S is the largest security solutions provider in the world. A global company specialising in the provision of integrated security products, services and solutions, the company is active in more than 110 countries.

    G4S Monitoring Technologies & Services (G4S MTS) is the Group’s global business division delivering electronic monitoring technology and services to customers world-wide. A market leader with over 25 years of experience in this field, G4S MTS has deployed its electronic monitoring solutions to national programmes in more than 18 countries. This currently includes contracts for the 3 largest national electronic monitoring programmes in the world – UK, France and Poland.

    Our GPS products have been deployed with customers globally for many years in high profile programmes such as the Terrorism Prevention Improvement Measures (TPIMS) programme in the UK which we have supplied since 2012. We continue to innovate with recent developments including victim protection, alcohol, drug monitoring and new applications in the areas of healthcare and lone worker protection.


    G4S Monitoring Technologies & Services Ltd
  • JSI Telecom

    JSI welcomes the opportunity to continue our support of the ICPA and participate in this - the second Global Corrections Digital Technology conference.

    The JSI 4Sight suite of solutions is in daily use - globally - assisting Correctional Intelligence departments combat the threat of contraband cellular phones - whilst integrating a vast array of additional data sources (inmate payphones, visitor rooms, visitor records, seized phone etc.) - providing a truly unique, and modular, approach to surveillance.

    At Technology in Corrections 2017 JSI will be demonstrating the latest interfaces/solutions addressing the challenge of encrypted mobile phone traffic (data and voice). Plus additional solutions for interview suites, organisational emails and a countrywide handset location finder.

    With a heavy emphasis on providing solutions that provide real operational benefits JSI looks forward to engaging with delegates to discuss both technical capabilities - and tangible outcomes.


    JSI Telecom
  • KEMAS GmbH

    The core competencies of KEMAS are process-driven self-service solutions in all aspects of the transfer of assets (e.g. keys, cell keys, access media, mail, tools, textiles, weapons, narcotics etc.). The RFID-based solutions make it possible to record, administer, store, book, schedule and deliver assets, while providing simultaneous access control.

    For the past 20 years, KEMAS has provided support to sectors where security is a top priority. In addition to legal and correctional facilities as well as forensics, this also includes facilities and properties belonging to the military and the police. In this context, security measures not only affect perimeter security, but also controlled access by authorized personnel to certain areas or rooms within the buildings.

    KEMAS solutions enable, among others, to securely store cell keys as well as building keys, to monitor them for their presence using RFID technology, and only issue them to authorized persons. Personal emergency signal systems, radios and service weapons are also secured against unauthorized access in the KEMAS depot systems. Transparent, electronic documentation of all issues and returns is becoming an increasingly important part of the solution, and makes a significant contribution to internal security in addition to the physical protection of the assets.


    KEMAS GmbH
  • ODSecurity

    ODSecurity is founded in L960 as a subsidiary of the famous company Old Delft, for the development and manufacturing of Thorax scanning based on x-ray. As one of the first Dutch companies who specialised in x-ray application ODSecurity developed the Soter RS full body scanner in 2003. The SOTER RS is a low dosage full body scanner which combines ultra-low radiation with maximum visibility, for use at airports and prisons. Within seconds the SOTER RS reveals hidden items, such as weapons or narcotics, diamonds, or any stolen or smuggled goods. It doesn't even have to be metal. The SOTER shows a clear difference between human tissue and other materials. Even ingested or camouflaged items will be shown.


  • SuperCom Ltd.

    SuperCom PureSecurity tracking platform provides innovative, real-time Electronic Monitoring (EM) and tracking solutions for criminal justice agencies. Built on decades of experience implementing RFID solutions and large-scale government projects, PureSecurity is tailored to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. An M2M platform, PureSecurity allows for easy, gradual and flexible implementation, and meets the challenges of any agency or private operator.

    The PureSecurity platform uses PureMonitor, SuperCom's cloud-based software, a fully web-based monitoring application that can be accessed from nearly any device to provide friendly navigation and comprehensive interfaces for tracking offender movements, defining schedules, and generating reports.

    The SuperCom M2M platform offers comprehensive solutions for house arrest, GPS tracking, domestic violence, inmate monitoring, alcohol monitoring, prisoner transportation, officer tracking, and more.

    Founded in 1988, SuperCom is a leading global provider of advanced identification, tracking and security solutions. Working as partners and promoting transparency and ethical business practices with their investors and with over 30,000 customers, SuperCom has a presence in over 100 countries and is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Stock Market (SPCB).


    SuperCom Ltd.
  • Track Group, Inc.

    Track Group is a leading innovator, manufacturer and provider of tracking, monitoring and analytics services to the global criminal justice industry. Since 1997, we have developed a superior portfolio of integrated compliance technology and services to create complete, end-to-end solutions for the government agencies and departments we proudly serve all over the world.

    These include:

    • Small and light GPS and RF combined device with proven track record;
    • The only tracking device that features two-way voice communication;
    • Mobile, biometric alcohol monitoring system;
    • A victim-notification Application for victims of domestic violence;
    • The world's most advanced data analytics capabilities providing significant.


    Track Group, Inc.
  • Unilink Software

    Unilink Software is a world leader in prisoner self-service and offender management software. The Unilink Group comprises four operating companies and has also offices in Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands in addition to the UK.

    Unilink provides services that help rehabilitation and more efficient running of prisons. This has been demonstrated through independent evidence from York University which shows that the software contributes significantly towards rehabilitation.

    Unilink’s biometric self - service system is an award winning product that works safely, securely and efficiently. It allows prisoners to have some control over organising the things that matter to them a lot: visits, food and canteen shopping. It releases prison officers from administration to focus on working with prisoners and creates back office efficiencies. In 2016 Unilink won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and in 2015 was awarded “Best Citizen App” and UK Digital Leader overall winner.

    Come and talk to us on our stand or visit

    Unilink Software
  • 3M Electronic Monitoring

    Since 1994 3M Electronic Monitoring is the world-leading provider of presence and location verification technologies, designed for monitoring individuals in the law enforcement and corrections markets. Our systems and products have gained the highest worldwide penetration rate and currently employed by private operators and government agencies throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and Africa, monitoring over 200,000 individuals annually.


    3M Electronic Monitoring

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