Technology in Corrections:
Digital Transformation

2-4 April 2019


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  • Communication and information are basic human needs that should no longer be regarded as a privilege in correctional facilities. But rather as an important contribution to institutional peace and social rehabilitation. Telio develops, installs and operates communications and media systems that insure just that. Every system adheres to the highest security standards, simplifies work processes significantly and has a rehabilitating effect. With them as your partner, you will benefit from our extensive expertise: since 1998, Telio has specialised exclusively in this field and is today arguably the most competent partner in this segment in all of Europe and the UAE. Website:
    Telio Management GmbH
  • Helping Prisons Work. For Prisoners. For Staff. For Society. Unilink is an innovative software solution provider working in justice including: prisoner self-service, communications with friends and family, offender management software and probation systems. Unilink provides products and services that help the efficient and effective operation of prisons and other custodial environments. Following on from Unilink’s merger with Beaumont Colson Ltd, Unilink has also designed and developed the UK’s national probation service case-management system, national-Delius, for England and Wales and offender-management systems for community rehabilitation companies. Independent research from University of York shows that Unilink’s self-service software contributes significantly towards rehabilitation and running prisons efficiently. The system is well proved and tested; Prisoners have carried out over 1.5 billion transactions and every day do more enabling prisons to work better. Unilink’s biometric –offender management system is an award-winning product that works safely, securely and efficiently. The self-service modules allow prisoners to gain control over organising their lives: e.g. visits, food and canteen shopping. It releases prison officers from administration to focus on working with prisoners through back-office efficiencies. Unilink is a multi-award-winning company winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and “Best Citizen App” and UK Digital Leader overall winner in recent years. Finally, Unilink’s family-friendly communication solutions – email a prisoner, secure payments, phone and video visits allow friends and families of prisoners to stay in touch with them, which reduces recidivism and helps the rehabilitation process. The Unilink Group has offices in the UK, Australia, South Africa, USA and the Netherlands. Please visit our stand, go to or email
    Unilink Software
  • ODSecurity is the specialist in low dose x-ray body scanning. With more than 10 years of experience in body scanning for corrections, the Soter RS full body scanner is the ultimate solution for detecting contraband hidden on or in the human body. Within 10 seconds a full image is generated. The result is an instantaneous high-quality head-to-toe body scan. The scanner reveals all kind of contraband, like plastics, organic, metal materials. The Soter RS is safe to use and equipped with a database and registration software. Website:
  • Unify Business Solutions are market leading suppliers of innovative technology designed specifically for the custodial market. From in-cell communications and entertainment, to mobile phone detection software, our technology is designed to promote safer prison environments whilst supporting the prisoner rehabilitation journey. Website:
    Unify Business Solutions

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