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  • Abilis Solutions
    Abilis is an established leader in the design, delivery and support of information-centric offender management solutions (OMS) for the global corrections market. The CORIS® OMS Platform, a modular, COTS-based solution, provides comprehensive coverage of corrections business processes. Supported by a customer-engaged product roadmap, CORIS® features an evergreen technology strategy that enables agency administrators and developers to maintain and expand the solution to avoid technological obsolescence. Collectively, CORIS® manages more than 275,000 offenders, probationers and parolees. Over 29,000 corrections professionals use CORIS® in 345 secure facilities and community corrections offices. Abilis Solutions is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Website: www.abilis-solutions.com
    Abilis Solutions Inc.
  • e-BO Enterprises
    e-BO Enterprises provides technology for Prisons. Our flagship-product is Prison Cloud. This is a service platform for inmates, based on the need for a safe digital learning platform. But this can be extended to a total self-service platform which can include telephony, TV, an electronic wallet, enquiries, video-on-demand and much more. We can also assist you with counter-drone measures, CCTV, Mobile phone jamming and perimeter detection. Therefore we integrate solutions from different vendors to offer the most robust solution tailored to the needs of your organization. Website: www.ebo-enterprises.com
    e-BO Enterprises
    The International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (IACFP) is an organization of behavioral scientists and practitioners who are concerned with the delivery of high-quality mental health services to criminal and juvenile offenders, and with promoting and disseminating research on the etiology, assessment and treatment of criminal behavior. Web: www.myiacfp.org
    International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology