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CSC’s Online Virtual Tour: Beyond the Fence: A Virtual Tour of a Canadian Penitentiary

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) recently launched an online virtual tour titled Beyond the Fence: A Virtual Tour of a Canadian Penitentiary.

CSC created this tour to shed light on the work we do in corrections. As correctional institutions are not easily accessible to most people, Canadians largely form their opinions of institutions based on what they see on television, in the media, and hear word-of-mouth. We want to change that!

CSC want to give you a chance to see and experience a correctional facility first-hand. Beyond the Fence: A Virtual Tour of a Canadian Penitentiary gives you an opportunity to see inside a federal institution from any device with Internet access.

This online resource allows victims of crime to better understand the correctional system and how it works. The tour contains information on a variety of topics from legislation to admission and discharge to segregation and much more. This innovative new tool is an excellent way for you to understand what happens beyond the fence.

The virtual tour consists of 360-degree panoramic views of various areas within an institution, showcasing elements of maximum-, medium-, and minimum-security facilities. Each room of the tour includes an audio narrative and interactive items that allow online participants to experience and learn more about CSC’s institutions.

The tour is based on the following areas of an institution:
• security perimeter
• entrance
• visitor’s area
• minimum, medium and maximum cell and range
• CORCAN workshop
• program room/classroom
• Aboriginal cultural centre
• chapel
• health care centre

This resource is available online at Option 1 and/or Option 2.