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1st Annual Probation Practitioner Conference

Event Start Date:
8th June 2016
Event End Date:
8th June 2016
Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Stoddart Building, Room 7140, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) has now been in operation for well over 12 months. The bifurcation of operational delivery between the National Probation Service (NPS) and a number of Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) has altered the landscape for probation practice. It is time to take stock of the impact upon probation practice and to understand developments which are designed to support the profession of probation as a single occupational culture drawing on probation, rehabilitation and community justice services.
This conference is the first Annual Probation Practitioners Conference delivered by the Probation Institute. The Probation Institute is delighted to be in partnership with NoOffence, Hallam Centre for Community Justice (HCCJ) and Sheffield Hallam University to deliver this event.The Probation Institute is committed to promulgating and supporting best practice. The conference is designed to be an annual event and aims to bring together practitioners, managers, academics, trainers, and third sector agencies in the probation, rehabilitation and community justice world to explore some of the key practice issues and in particular:
  1. To identify good probation practice developing across the sector; 
  2. To share good practice across agency boundaries; 
  3. To contribute to the further development of an evidence base for probation practice. 
Those most likely to benefit from this event are senior leaders from NOMS, the NPS and CRCs, the Third Sector, practitioners, trainers, academic staff and the wider criminal justice sector. The day will include key inputs allowing those from the various key organisations to describe what is working, and how, and what needs to improve with suggestions as to how such developments might be achieved. We anticipate that key themes will be raised through inputs and the very important discussion opportunities for attendees in workshops, this will include:
  1. Maintaining and enhancing probation as a profession; 
  2. Relationship building within and between relevant organisations, building on what is working and what more needs to be done; 
  3. Communications within and between relevant organisations, showcasing effective practice; 
  4. Encouraging good practice and the sharing of research into practice.

There will be other themes that contributors and attendees will want to bring to the table. Our role is to do no more than to facilitate an open and honest exchange of information and ideas with a focus on developing practice. We will record and make available descriptions of successes as well as areas for development. It will also provide a useful opportunity to understand the role of the Probation Institute in supporting the work of practitioners in the field.


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This conference is part of the HCCJ Research into practice conference and seminar series. Full details can be found HERE