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3rd International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH2016)

Event Start Date:
2nd October 2016
Event End Date:
5th October 2016
Event Theme:
Sustainable Development Goals
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The intersection of public health and law enforcement, including corrections, is complex and diverse covering the widest range of security, safety and public health issues. Law enforcement, especially through the activities of police forces, has a crucial but often unacknowledged role in the protection and promotion of public health. LEPH2016 strives to break down those barriers that inhibit shared knowledge, research and practice experience so that better health outcomes will be achieved.

The program, as in previous conferences, will allow public health and law enforcement professionals – often in partnership – to showcase their work as well as participate in sessions concerned with theory and research. The emphasis on translating research to practice has elicited strong support in the past and is a fundamental principle underpinning the LEPH2016 program.

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