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3rd Technology in Corrections Conference – Digital Transformation

Event Start Date:
2nd April 2019
Event End Date:
4th April 2019
Event Theme:
Technology in Corrections: Digital Transformation
Hotel Vip Executive Entrecampos, Av.5 de Outubro, no.295, Lisbon, Portugal


The European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris) in cooperation with the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) will organise on 2-4 April in Lisbon, Portugal the third Global Corrections Digital Technology Conference, ‘Technology in Corrections: Digital Transformation’. The event will be hosted by the Directorate-General of Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP).

The aim of this conference is to:

  • Challenge the private sector to develop innovative digital solutions for use in corrections to address issues facing prisons and probation today;
  • Provide networking opportunities for technology experts in the corrections arena;
  • To promote the use and implementation of advanced Digital Technology Solutions in corrections.


This is an international event and experts from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors in the creation, development and the implementation of correctional technology solutions should seek to attend. This includes senior decision makersHeads of ServiceCIOsheads of ICT departmentsbusiness improvement professionalsprison and probation management expertsanalytical and research specialists and technology solution providers. We seek to attract a core audience of those presently working within the prison and probation sectors who are involved in the advancement of their respective jurisdictions through the implementation of digital technology initiatives.

Overall we aim for this event to attract some 225 participants comprising public, private, NGO and academic sector professionals from countries across the globe. We aim for a balanced participation of sector representatives


Registration fees are set at the special rate of 195 EUR for delegates from Public Sector institutions (495 EUR for all other participants).

For more information about this unique event please contact a member of our team at

**NOTE: Due to delegation limitations, we can only accept two (2) registrations per company. Delegation limits are set to ensure a fair balance of sector representation. These may change closer to the event and at the discretion of the conference organisers.

**NOTE: For EuroPris Member Countries – EuroPris will cover the TIC conference registration fee for 2 participants of the EuroPris member jurisdictions. In order to take advantage of this option, you need to obtain a Public Sector Discount Code – for that you need to contact After receiving the code, please follow the registration process but don’t make payments. Instead, select the “Invoice” option and send your registration confirmation to EuroPris will make the payment accordingly. Be informed that in 2019 the reimbursement is limited to a maximum of two events per EuroPris member per year.

Cancellation Policy
Please, keep in mind that there are cancellation fees applicable.
The charges are as follows:
  • Cancellation until 28th February: 10% of the conference fee
  • Cancellation after 1st March: 50% of the conference fee
  • Cancellation after 18th March: 100% of the conference fee


A detailed programme will be formed in the weeks leading up to the event; however the programme will be underpinned by the three subthemes and will depend on the papers/abstracts submitted to the Programme Committee.


  1. Finding an equilibrium;
  2. Evidence-based approaches;
  3. Looking over the wall.

Over the course of the event, participants will have the opportunity to interact and contribute during the dialogue sessions and to network and discuss issues in detail. Participants will also be invited to meet and greet in our exclusive ‘marketplace’ and to learn more about some of the present offerings from leading technology providers in the field.

A schedule of the conference programme is as follows:

Tuesday, 2 April – Arrival, Check-In and Welcome Reception from 1830
Wednesday, 3 April – Opening, Plenary Sessions and Panels from 0900-1800
Thursday, 4 April – Plenary Sessions, Panels and Closing from 0900-1800