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ECOR European Conference

Event Start Date:
10th February 2016
Event End Date:
12th February 2016
Stuttgart, Germany

The project European Communities of Restoration – in prisons and as alternatives to detention (ECOR) is concerned with the exchange and development of good practice in the improvement of detention conditions in prisons, and the promotion of alternatives to conventional detention and development of post-release integration programmes. It seeks to adapt a methodology used successfully in Latin America, in which communities of restoration help participants to learn to take responsibility – for themselves and their community, for their past and their future. The methodology, known as Association for the Protection and the Assistance of the Convicted (APAC), encourages participants to acknowledge victim perspectives, whilst challenging them to achieve educational and vocational qualifications, and promoting sports and athletics as a means of enhancing self-worth, encouraging legitimate affirmation and developing ‘team spirit’. Staff and volunteers of the programme demonstrate positive-group culture, and show by their example what it means to put positive, pro-social and pro-community values into practice, thus mitigating the influence of negative inmate subculture. These norms and values can also be internalised – where possible – through participating in positive community-based activities in cooperation with community groups, youth groups, athletic clubs, NGOs and with the local economy.

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