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IV International Penitentiary Forum – Crime, Punishment, Correction

Event Start Date:
20th November 2019
Event End Date:
22nd November 2019
Event Theme:
Crime, Punishment, Correction
Ryazan at the Academy of the Federal Penal Service of Russia

This Forum will bring together the administration and representatives of the FPS of Russia, educational and scientific organizations of the FPS of Russia, foreign Penal Services and educational institutions, members of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia, the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Russian and international non-governmental organizations, educational and scientific organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, leading penal scientists from Russia and foreign states.

The Forum is aimed at discussing the current issues of execution of criminal penalties; developing and improving the research and practical activities in this sphere; studying the international penitentiary experience and searching for new forms and methods of work with inmates; contributing to development and deepening of interstate penitentiary cooperation.

The Forum will be dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Penal System of the Russian Federation and the 85th anniversary of the Academy of the FPS of Russia.

The outcome of the Forum will be elaboration of Recommendations aiming to improve the efficiency of the Penal Services, criminal sanction legislation and penal practices.

The Forum will run for three days. The conferences will be organized on 20 November, 2019. The plenary session will take place on 21 November, 2019.

The round-table meetings will be held on 22 November, 2019.

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