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Grand opening of Agder Prison – Unit Mandal

Agder prison was officially opened on June 29 by Minister of Justice Ms. Monica Mæland. The new unit has got 100 places and represents a modernization of the Norwegian Correctional Service in the area of digitalization.

New digital alternatives will provide the prison with better control of the inmates as well as the visitors. These digital solutions also play an important role when reintegrating the inmates into society after they have served their sentence.

The prison offers digital self-service for both inmates, staff, and visitors. The inmates can access digital services, which have not been available to them earlier. Now the inmates can communicate digitally with family and relatives. When receiving visitors, family and relatives can register online. They can also deposit money to the inmates.

Rehabilitation and reintegration are amongst the most important tasks for the Correctional Service. In Agder prison, we will introduce new methods and brand new digital solutions, which will contribute to further development of the Norwegian correctional service. Agder prison is a model for the future, and as we go along we will make use of the experiences from Agder into other parts of the correctional service, says Lise Sannerud, Director General, Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service.

Minister of Justice Ms. Monica Mæland

D.G. Lise Sannerud

The staff looks forward to working in Agder Prison. Staff from all levels have been involved in the process, which helps them feel safe at their workplace, she says.

Facts and figures:

  • From August 1, units in Mandal, Froland, Evje, and Solholmen halfway house will constitute Agder prison.
  • In connection with the opening of Agder prison, the prisons in Kristiansand and Arendal will be closed.
  • Kristiansand prison was closed on June 30. Solholmen halfway house will be part of Agder prison from July 1.
  • Arendal prison will be closed on July 30. Unit Evje will be part of Agder prison from August 1.
  • Agder prison Unit Froland will be officially opened at the end of August. First inmates will arrive on September 10.

Facts about Agder prison – Mandal unit

The total capacity for Agder prison will be 300 places. Unit Mandal will have 100 places and Unit Froland will have 200. Both units consist of brand new buildings.

Published on: 15 July 2020

Author: Marthe Hamran, International Unit, Norwegian Correctional Service