Collaboration in Corrections: Partnerships for Success

October 2021

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  • Enabling societies to become safer and more secure. As one of the largest global electronic monitoring companies in the industry, Attenti tracks more than 200,000 offenders in over 30 countries for criminal justice agencies every year. With twenty-five years of engineering, manufacturing, and implementing electronic monitoring equipment and system solutions, Attenti pioneered the offender tracking industry by being the first company to integrate the multiple technologies of RF, GPS, and cellular communications into a comprehensive offender tracking solution. From alternatives to incarceration, to inmate tracking and substance abuse monitoring, Attenti provides a full spectrum of electronic monitoring solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements. Website:
  • The GEO Group provides leading, evidence-based rehabilitation programs to individuals while in custody and post-release into the community through the GEO Continuum of Care®. GEO's diversified services platform provides unique capabilities for the delivery of educational and vocational programs, cognitive behavioural and substance abuse treatment, and faith-based services across the entire corrections spectrum. The GEO Continuum of Care is enhanced in-custody offender rehabilitation programming, including cognitive behavioural treatment, integrated with post-release support services. Website:
    The GEO Group, Inc
  • Sodexo Justice Services has been running justice services which change lives for the better since 1993. They do this in over 120 sites across the world, including the total operation of five prisons in the UK and ownership of six Community Rehabilitation Companies in England. Website:
    Sodexo Justice Services
  • Telio is an international, software-driven provider of communication and media system services and solutions to the prison industry. Today, Telio operates in 16 countries across Europe and the UAE. Our market share is continuing to grow every year. All systems and services provided by Telio adhere to highest security standards. Our focus is to deliver innovation and contribute to institutional peace and social rehabilitation. With Telio as your partner, you will benefit from our extensive and focused expertise. We have specialised exclusively in this field in Europe and UAE since 1998. Our competence, knowledge and experience is unrivalled. Website:
    Telio Group

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