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ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards 2015

ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards 2015

International Corrections and Prisons Association, 17th Annual General Meeting and Conference, Melbourne, Australia, “Managing Risk in Contemporary Corrections Systems”

The International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) Awards Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2015 Correctional Excellence Awards. Awards recipients will be invited to attend the 2015 Annual Conference Special Event and Awards Gala.


To recognize outstanding progress and excellence with respect to the mission of the ICPA, particularly those achievements which advance humanitarian approaches and advance professional corrections, the ICPA has established an annual Awards Program with the following objectives:

1. Encourage correctional organisations and activities at the international, national, institutional, and community levels that promote the goals of the ICPA;
2. Enhance professionalism and excellence in correctional activities at both the organizational and individual level;
3. Encourage cooperation, partnership, teamwork and the sharing of professional knowledge;
4. Encourage improved humanitarian approaches toward inmates and offenders.

Awards have been established for eight categories, including:

President’s Award
Recognizes an individual or an organization who has made an outstanding contribution to corrections and/or criminal justice and who exemplifies the values of the ICPA. Nominations are made by the President of ICPA for this unique award.

Offender Management and Reintegration
Recognizes outstanding programs which contribute to the safe reintegration of offenders into the community and reflect the respect for the dignity of all individuals.

Management and Staff Training
Recognizes the need for effective operations to support our correctional objectives.

Research Award
Reflects the ICPA’s values and objectives, underlining the importance of actions being grounded in knowledge and understanding.

Community Corrections Award
Recognizes exceptional work and innovative approaches in supporting offenders in the community; and acknowledges the vital role played by probation and parole in the work of the Association.

Correctional Healthcare Award
For special efforts in the treatment and care of offenders and/or the implementation of best practices towards the advancement of correctional healthcare services.

Outstanding Correctional Service Employee
Recognizes an individual line staff person for a specific act or characteristic of work that exemplifies professionalism, quality, and distinction in the conduct of his/her duties within a correctional environment.

Head of Service Award
Recognizes a Head of Service who has made an outstanding contribution to advance professional and humane prison and corrections in their country.


The ICPA Awards Program is open to any individual(s) or organisation involved in corrections.

The following process will apply:

  • Individuals or organisations may submit their own project or nominate someone else’s project to be considered for an award;
  • A synopsis of the project must be included in the application form. A detailed description of the project can be attached to the application form;
  • The ICPA Awards Committee will review all applications and if needed send them to experts for further evaluation;
  • The ICPA Awards Committee will make their final selections no later than 1 month prior to the Annual
  • The recipients of the Awards will be encouraged to attend and present their work at the Annual Conference.
  • Nominations must be completed using the online form;
  • Applications must be submitted in English.
  • Answers to questions or further information regarding the ICPA Correctional Excellence Awards Programme can be obtained from the Awards Committee via email at deadline for submissions in the 2015 Awards Program is 30th June 2015.Submit your nomination – Online application formThe Awards will be presented at the ICPA Annual Conference in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday 28th October.NOTE: ICPA does not provide financial support or assistance for attending its annual event. Recipients who wish to attend the annual conference to participate in the Awards ceremony will be required to cover their own expenses for conference registration fees, travel, and accommodation.


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