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ICPA Events

This page contains links to Past, Present and Future events of ICPA.

Click on one of the links below to access past presentations, programmes, photos and attendee lists.

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3rd International Correctional Research Symposium

Porto, Portugal

2-4 March 2021



4th Technology in Corrections

Dublin, Ireland

20-22 April 2021




ICPA 22nd AGM and Conference

Hong Kong, China

24-29 October 2021

Current and Recent Events

ICPA 21st AGM and Conference

Buenos Aires, Argentina

27 October – 01 November 2019

Past Events

Technology in Corrections: Digital Transformation

Lisbon, Portugal

2-4 April 2019

ICPA 20th AGM and Conference

Montreal, Canada

21-26 October 2018

2nd International Correctional Research Symposium

Prague, Czech Republic

8-10 May 2018

ICPA 19th AGM and Conference

London, United Kingdom

22-27 October 2017

1st International Correctional Research Symposium, 

Ghent, Belgium

27-29 March 2017

Technology in Corrections: Challenges for the Future

Prague, Czech Republic

15-17 May 2017

ICPA 18th AGM and Conference

Bucharest, Romania

23-28 October 2016


ICPA 17th AGM and Conference

Melbourne, Australia

25-30 October 2015



Global Corrections Digital Technology Conference

Barcelona, Catalonia

27-29 May 2015


ICPA 16th AGM and Conference

Windhoek, Namibia

26-31 October 2014