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ICPA believes in integrity and professionalism, the sharing of ideas and partnerships. We are confident that we can advance professional corrections by combining our expertise and knowledge. ICPA’s Networks are the natural response to the many challenges which our global community faces.

Do you share our beliefs? Do you want to be part of a group that works on exciting projects? Are you willing to learn many new things and exchange knowledge?

If your answer is “YES” then read below how to become a member of a Network and the associated benefits…

Here is what awaits…

ICPA Networks:

Precisely selected
and highly motivated professionals, dedicated to the advancement of professional corrections
Connections with professionals from all over the world Global projects that require collaboration with specialists and experts worldwide
  • Community Corrections
  • External Prison Oversight and Human Rights
  • Healthcare
  • Planning and Design
  • Research and Development
  • Technology Solutions
  • Staff Training and Development
Access to the latest
information in the sector: researches, news, statistics, case studies, regulations
Recognition! ICPA is an international organisation and its experts have the opportunity to present their ideas to the global corrections community.

And some more benefits…


Your work could be displayed on our regular Newsleters and e-Bulletins. Share your ideas with more than 10,000 readers. Depending on your proactivity you might also get the chance to have your researches published in ICPA’s Academic Journals


For more information on how to join one of our Networks, please email us at

Many members of ICPA have asked how they could become more active in the Association. One way is to become an active member of a Network. ICPA has several networks including Community Corrections, External Prison Oversight and Human Rights, Healthcare, Planning and Design, Research and Development, Technology Solutions, and Staff Training and Development. All ICPA members are welcome to express their interest in becoming an active member of a Network.

For more information about the Networks, please follow the links:

Community Corrections

External Prison Oversight and Human Rights 


Planning and Design

Research and Development

Staff Training and Development

Technology Solutions