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Planning and Design


To promote humane and exemplary practices for the planning and design of new and renovation of existing prison environments.


  • Assemble as many existing physical plant standards/guidelines that impact prison design as can be identified.
  • Examine the “dozen” critical guidelines (e.g., space allocation per prisoner for sleeping) that every prison department should aim to achieve.
  • Cross reference these critical guidelines with existing minimum standards.
  • Identify how and where these guidelines could be included in the UN Minimum Rules.
  • Assemble a catalogue of essential technology for consideration by:
    – Developed nations,
    – Developing nations, and
    – Post-conflict/disaster conditions.
  • Begin the preparation of a basic design guidelines document with examples for 3 (a, b, and c) above.


  • Gary Golder, Mexico
  • Enrique Macia, USA
  • Malcolm Gardiner, New Zealand
  • Mike Murphy, USA
  • Ramon Tico, USA
  • Helena Pombares, UK
  • Gabriela Perez Garcia, Mexico
  • José Patricio Patino Arias, Mexico
  • Rupali Jeswal, Thailand
  • Andrew Cupples, USA
  • Don Stolworthy, USA
  • Gary Hill, USA
  • Marayca Lopez, USA
  • Mark Kroeker, USA
  • Elsa Van Herck, Blegium
  • Will Thurbin, Australia