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Can we Improve the Way we Use Electronic Monitoring?

In collaboration with the Administration Générale Maisons de Justice (Belgian Probation Service FR), the International Corrections and Prisons Association organised a workshop on 18th June 2019 in Brussels to assess the possibility of conducting future projects concerning the research, development and standardization of electronic monitoring technologies.

The aim of this one-day workshop was to ascertain the viability of convening an ICPA Taskforce under ‘Strategic Focal Point #1: Reducing Reoffending’, which would comprise a number of experts with cross-sector representation from the correctional community to look at how can we better develop, use, and implement Electronic Monitoring instruments. The hypothesis was that a better comprehension of both worlds (private sector and public service mission) would be of mutual benefit for an enhanced focus on standards and technologies.

To help contextualise discussions the meeting included introductory presentations to provide ‘sector perspectives’ across a variety of EM issues, with Professor Kristel Beyens and Professor Hannah Graham providing some insightful comments from the academic side; Imants Jurevicius and Marianne Kylstad Oster presenting views from the public sector services; and Mark Griffiths explaining the challenges of the private sector.

The workshop concluded that a future project would be necessary to further these important discussions and work will be undertaken to develop a proposal which could support this. ICPA would like to thank the attendees for their involvement and contributions to this crucial first step.


Pedro Ferreira Marum (Chairperson), Deputy General Director, CFWB, Belgium

Paul Jaki Ig, Expert, CWFB, Belgium

Pierre-Daniel Dufranne, CFWB, Belgium

Sylvain Degrandsart, Tech Expert, ETNIC, Belgium

Adam Simon, A/Mgr of Security, EM and External Monitoring, Correctional Services NSW, Australia

Andrew Brennan, Irish Prison Service

Nuno Ricardo Geraldes Neves, Social Reintegration Technician, DG Probation and Prisons, Portugal

Marianne Kylstad Oster, Senior Advisor, Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service

Imants Jurevicius, Head of Performance Analysis and Development, State Probation Service of Latvia


Mark Griffiths, EM Consultant, United Kingdom

Luciano Trunzo, Co-Founder and CTO, Upstreem, Belgium

Leo Milstein, VP of Business Development, Attenti, Israel

Nuno Pires PhD., Head of Innovation, Geosatis, Switzerland

Nir Shelly, Managing Director, EM-IS, Israel

Barak Trabelsi, EVP and GM – IoT Division, Supercom, Israel

Paul Mallard, International Contracts and Support Manager, G4S Monitoring Technologies, UK


Prof. Dr. Kristel Beyens, Head of Criminology, Vrije Universitie, Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Hannah Graham, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Stirling, United Kingdom


Fraser Bryans, Operations Director, ICPA, Scotland

Beth Johnston, Project Support Officer, ICPA, Australia

Published on: 19/06/2019

Author: Fraser Bryans, Operations Director, ICPA