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ICPA Projects

Projects in Partnership for the Advancement of Professional Corrections

ICPA takes part in many projects in collaboration with other organisations around the world. These projects enhance international cooperation, produce guidance/tools and help to develop standards that contribute to the advancement of professional corrections.

ICPA is involved in the following projects:

R2PRIS Project – Radicalization Prevention in Prisons

The DIACEN Project – Prisoner Education Projects in preparation for release

INTEGRA – Integrated community, probation and prison services radicalisation prevention approach

SkillHUBS – Transnational prison up-skilling guidance and training model

The AWARE Project – Multi-agency training for working with prisoners and former prisoners with mental health needs

R4JUST Project – Radicalization Prevention Competence Development Programme for Justice Professionals

CCJ4C – European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in the Criminal Correctional Justice System

EDUPRIS – Education, Training and Lifelong learning as Dynamic interventions to promote Inclusion and Common values in Correctional Justice for Minors and Young adults with Educative challenges

FAIRNESS – Implementation of the Stockholm’s Roadmap in cases of terrorism and radicalisation

PO21– European Prison Officers for the 21st Century