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The DIACEN Project

4DIACEN is proposing a complex solution which is to prepare prisoners for release. It involves all relevant parties united in adult education activities, with the aim of fostering dialogue and establishing an effective learning platform.

DIACEN is based around the idea that the dialogue is a powerful method for delivering adult education. Building a community around authentic interaction could reduce massively the relapse / re-offend rates of the prisoners. The inmates need a programme for pre-release where all interested parties meet and develop together a solution with the motto: “Nothings for me that is made without me”.

Elements of the pre-release programme for inmates:

  • The prison as a learning environment;
  • The education, social work, security staff, prisoner and the local community sit around the table and set a learning pathway for reintegration for each prisoner in the pre-release period;
  • An European framework and method built with the expertise of 5 member states and several networks;
  • Methods for community development and public policy consultation which capture the assets of a local community, preparing it to receive the ex-prisoner and acknowledge his / her capabilities and needs.

In the understanding of the DIACEN partnership (following the OECD’s Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management) we will produce a number of Outputs (including trainings and events), those outputs will produce a Results right after project delivery at the level of our target group and later on will produce Outcomes impacting at a broader level our key stakeholders.

Specific goals include:

  • Provide a complex methodology of setting up the pre-release period which involves prisoners, educators, social workers, security prison staff and the larger community, for the creation of a learning pathway – from inside the prison towards the community;
  • Build a platform for educators and any prison professional, that delivers an education moment, to express their realities and thoughts on how they develop the pre-release period, capturing the weak points and recommending possible solutions;
  • Set-up a method for security prison staff (supported by the educators / social workers as mediators) to work together with the prisoners using dialogic methods, games, role-plays and following a guiding handbook;
  • Create a working method for the prisoner to develop together with the prison staff flexible resources and guidelines to help the prisoner in the first part after the release.
  • Develop a working system for the prison staff in order to cooperate with the local community, using community engagement methods, in finding out what are the best ways to assist the prisoner upon release and what is available in the immediate community as resources and support system for the ex-prisoner.

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