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ICPA Research and Development Network – Annual Activity Report

The ICPA R&D Network is an informal collection of both researchers and other corrections professionals committed to promoting evidence-informed practice in our field. With a current signed-up count of more than 60 members from 18 countries, the group concentrates on a few major activities in realizing its mission — ‘To effectively disseminate research-informed correctional knowledge and promote its application for the advancement of professional and humane corrections and prisons world-wide’. In view of the size and spread of the Network, most communication among members is conducted via e-mail, mostly as follow-through from our Annual Network Meeting in conjunction with the Annual ICPA Conference. The following are some of the key activities of the Network for 2017-18. Related goals for 2018-19 are also listed.

Author: Frank Porporino, Ph.D., Chair, ICPA Research & Development Network