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ICPA Staff Training and Development Network Visit Moldova Correctional Service

Following discussions at the recent ICPA Conference, the Commissioner of Corrections in Moldova (ANP) requested the ICPA Staff Training and Development Network (STDN) for assistance. Deputy Commissioner Cojocaru met and spoke with STDN representatives to discuss the provision of a pro-active joint venture on upgrading and developing the prison management via the officer training curriculum. The aim of the mission was to improve the quality and content of prison officers’ training provided by the ANP and to establish and develop the implementation and evaluation of the curricula. It was agreed that a support mission comprising experts from the STDN would conduct a training workshop in Moldova in August 2019.

From 19-22 August, across various prisons in Moldova, Gary Hill (Chair of the Staff Training and Development Network) and Dorin Muresan (Board Member) worked together with colleagues from Moldova ANP in order to achieve this objective.


The Programme

Upon arrival, the STDN team met with Sergei Demcenco Commissioner of the Moldova Correctional Service (ANP), and members of his senior staff to introduce the project. In agreement with the Moldova Prison Administration, a group of 30 prison directors and their senior officers were brought together to participate in the training. In addition, there was a session to review the training curriculum and determine current and future training needs of staff.

This exercise was used to develop potential routes for future cooperation between ICPA and ANP.  Approximately 30 senior corrections managers met for leadership training, and to provide feedback through focus groups. Participation was active and lively with time given for discussion and questions.

The agenda of the event included topics in the field of the prison management, ethics and values ​​in penitentiaries, direct supervision, how internal affairs unit work, problem solving and decision making, change management, interpersonal communication and risk assessment within prisons.

The course “Management and Leadership” is dedicated to the employees of the penitentiary administration system, at managerial level, with the purpose of consolidating and fortifying the techniques and tools of activity, by which the staff will implement them efficiently, coming from the management standards and identifying the styles of leadership suited to each situation.

At the end of the course, participants were given certificates of participation and teaching materials, studies referring to this topic.



By developing training curricula and establishing alternative training programmes within the prison service of Moldova, ICPA is contributing to the development of the vocational skills of the penitentiary system staff. This innovative approach has the potential to be an example of a good practice and a blueprint for the establishment and development of similar programmes in other prison jurisdictions.

Published on: 06/09/2019

Author: Dorin Muresan, Board Member, ICPA