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ICPA Virtual Annual Conference – Call for Papers

Submit your abstract online before 30 June

The ICPA Annual Conference will, for this year, feature as an online event on 26-28 October 2021.

With the theme of “Sharing Knowledge and Making Connections”, the ICPA Programme Committee invites submissions from individuals, agencies and organisations interested in presenting at the conference.

Priority will be given to papers:

  • Designed specifically to appeal to a particular target group (Leaders, Practitioners, Researchers and Partners)
  • Delivered within a 20-40 minute time block;
  • Concerned with new initiatives or established initiatives modified by recent research;
  • Supportive of ICPA goals and priorities.

English is the working language of the virtual event.  Where delivery in another language is proposed, simultaneous translation is to be provided in English. This is the responsibility of the speaker(s).

Generally, two 20 minute presentations will be delivered consecutively followed by a dialogue and discussions with participants for a further 50 minutes.

All presentations will be recorded and posted on the ICPA website during the event.

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Target groups:

Leaders/Senior Managers – those with agency or system wide responsibilities for delivery of services in custody or community corrections.  For presentations directed to this target group we are interested in submissions describing broad strategies for introducing innovation & change; how to attend to the political environment; managing significant crises (other than Covid); purposeful attempts in changing culture; working effectively with the private sector and/or other stakeholders and partners … etc.

Practitioners – those with direct responsibility for delivering services to offenders in custody or in the community. Submissions for this target group should provide more detailed descriptions of effectively integrated and innovative programmes, especially those that have included an evaluation component.

Researchers – Submissions should focus on applied research that has been conducted to improve our response to challenges in the correctional process, for example, in assessing, managing and reintegrating offenders with special needs (e.g., the mentally ill, violent extremists, the elderly, women, young offenders, substance abusers … etc.).

Partners – Submissions are encouraged from NGO’s, the private sector and other partners to highlight the unique contributions that can be made to the correctional process, either in delivering services concerned with custodial or community corrections.

The closing date for submissions is 30 June 2021.  The ICPA Programme Committee will complete review of the abstracts and advise all potential presenters by mid-July 2021 of the outcome.

Any questions or further information can be obtained from the Programme Committee via email at

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