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Joining ICPA: Be part of the Global Corrections Community

ICPA is the worldwide organisation for networking correctional professionals and practitioners. If you work in prisons, corrections or come from a background in criminal justice you will find that ICPA is the association for you. Our members comprise both individuals and organisations across all sectors, including:

Public Sector Agencies

  • National and State Prison/Correctional agencies
  • Probation and Parole Organisations
  • Government Departments

See our Public Sector Membership Plans

Corporate Sector Agencies

  • Service Providers
  • Technology Companies
  • System Developers

See our Corporate Membership Plans

Non-Profit/NGO and Academic Organisations

  • NGO / Non-Profit Organisations
  • Academic Institutes
  • Third Sector / Voluntary Organisations

See our Non-Profit/NGO and Academic Plans


  • Correctional Staff and Practitioners
  • Senior Management and Heads of Service
  • Freelance Consultants Business Entrepreneurs
  • Academics / Researchers

See our Individual Membership Plans

Together we form the world’s largest Global Corrections Community – be a part and join today!

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