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‘Present’ – ICPA’s Live Webinar Service for Members

ICPA has launched a brand new service for its Members called ‘Present’ which will feature quality presentations from our professional colleagues around the world and across a variety of topics. Via this Live Webinar service, our Full and Professional Members have access included as part of their membership benefits*.

(*All of our Covid-related webinars are fully accessible to everyone.)

Missed one of our sessions? Use the links below to view recordings on our ‘Rewind’ Video On-Demand portal.

Upcoming Webinars

We’re working on new content right now. But don’t worry we’ll notify members as soon as we publish more information here.

Past Webinars

9th July 2020 @ 1600hrs (Brussels)
Staff Well-Being and Resilience in Correctional Environments – During and After a Pandemic
A webinar presented by the International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (IACFP) and the ICPA Covid-19 Prisons Taskforce.
This webinar will explore the cumulative effects on staff working in correctional environments and how this is intensified during a pandemic. Panelists will also share strategies for:

  • Maintaining social responsibility
  • Building resilience
  • Supporting staff mental well-being
  • Building individual and organizational psychological capital
  • Supporting staff working in both secure facilities and community supervision
  • Phases of support


Dr Robin Belcher-Timme Psy.D, ABPP, CCHP-HM, Vice President & Senior Consultant Falcon Inc., USA
Dr Gabriel Ong, Principal Psychologist & Deputy Director of PCRD, Singapore Prison Service
Dr Sarah Lewis, Director Penal Reform Solutions, United Kingdom
Dr Jake Phillips, Reader in Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Introduction: Dr Frank Porporino, President IACFP, Chair of ICPA Research & Development Network Group

Facilitated by Cherie Townsend, Executive Director IACFP

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19th May 2020 @ 1600hrs (Brussels)

Using Technology to Tackle Covid-19 in Corrections

Technology is playing a crucial role in the way we respond to the current COVID-19 crisis in corrections. At the same time it has created huge challenges for correctional agencies to make those solutions available in a secure way on a very short notice. During this webinar, we will learn from different jurisdictions across the world what problems they are facing and how they have resolved them. Speakers will share with the audience their projects and experiences related to the rapid deployment of technologies, the challenges they had and the outstanding issues they may still have. It is during crisis periods that we need to focus on quick wins and short-term projects. Though, this brings potentially additional risks and concerns on the sustainability of the solutions. At some point things will go back to normal, or maybe not: during this webinar we will also reflect on the post-covid-19 period: What are the things that are there to stay and what will removed as soon as possible after the crisis? How will our current experiences change the way people look at communication and technology in the context of corrections in the future?


Peter Severin, President ICPA
Simon Bonk, CIO, Correctional Service Canada
Russ Nichols, CIO, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Håkan Klarin, CIO, Swedish Prison and Probation Service
Mr CHEUNG Shu-yan Eric, Senior Superintendent Hong Kong Correctional Services Department

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Response to Covid-19 in Prisons

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. World-wide, the public health response to this evolving pandemic is unprecedented and has challenged governments, countries and health systems. While prisons can provide the ideal environment to spread communicable diseases, it also offers the ideal environment to rapidly isolate, quarantine and cohort inmates with suspected or actual COVID-19.


Gary Forrest, Chief Executive, Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, New South Wales Ministry of Health, Australia

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