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PRESS RELEASE: ICPA provides world-class training for African corrections professionals



03 April 2018

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ICPA provides world-class training for African corrections professionals

The International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), in collaboration with the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA) and the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS), organises its 5th Training Workshop for African Corrections Professionals”. Leading experts will share expertise on Leadership and Healthcare. The event will take place in the Lucius Sumbwanyambe Mahoto Correctional Service Training College, Omaruru, Namibia, from 22-27 April 2018.

Over 30 African professionals from 11 countries have already signed up for the training. During this fiveday event, ICPA’s experts will focus on the correctional leadership principles and practices, and the newest approaches and methods in the correctional healthcare. The participants will be able to share information from their home nations and to discuss opportunities both among themselves and with the trainers. ICPA has provided distinguished instructors from the United States, Uganda and Canada.

ICPA is a global organization that enhances international and inter-agency co-operation. Its mission is to promote and share ethical and effective correctional practices to enhance public safety and healthier communities worldwide. ICPA’s Correctional Leadership & Healthcare Programme aims at advancing reforms in corrections through developing leadership, management and healthcare capacity in prisons and community correctional services in Africa. The purpose of this project is to support African correctional leaders and healthcare specialists through elaboration of a phased training and support scheme to develop the African ‘leaders of tomorrow’.

ICPA’s leadership training initiative was first envisioned in 2010 at the ICPA Annual Conference in Ghent, Belgium. The International Corrections and Prisons Association coordinated a discussion with a number of African countries where they identified the need for capacity building through Leadership Training of their senior officials. To date, over 160 African corrections professionals have taken part in this unique workshop.


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