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Rehabilitation Philosophy and Practice – Online Resources

Long-standing supporter of the ICPA, Mr Avraham Hoffman, has created an online resource to share his work from the past 20 years which focuses on rehabilitation philosophy and practices. Mr Hoffman has presented at many of the Association’s annual conferences, bringing his experience and wisdom to the international stage.


When I founded the Israeli Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority (PRA) in 1983 many people in Israel and around the world believed it was an impossible mission. Our new and unconventional approaches, methods, and the emphasis on the need to especially ensure a sustained successful rehabilitation after the release from prison led to unprecedented rates of successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

20 years ago, the ICPA gave me the opportunity to present my philosophy and innovative methods when very few supported this way. Since then I have had the fortune to present at the ICPA every year and to witness how this approach became accepted.

My website is meant to share with professionals as well as with the public my rehabilitation philosophy and practices and thus offer inspiration as well as practical knowledge and tools. You are invited to leave a comment and share your thoughts on the website, open a discussion and further the global dissemination of the fundamental belief that prisoner rehabilitation is possible, a moral obligation and an important step to create a safer society.



Published on: 2 December 2020


Author: Avraham Hoffman, Founder and former Director General of the Israeli Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority (PRA)