04 Apr 2022

Advancing Corrections Journal - Call for Papers for Issue #14

The Call for Papers is Now Open! Submit your paper by 30 July 2022.

The Journal invites submission of papers that can be digested and appreciated by practitioners, managers, policy-makers and other correctional professionals. Authors are welcome to submit papers for one of three sections of the Journal. Featured Research Articles should be more research-oriented and scholarly, including the usual practice of referencing the relevant literature. Another section called Views and Reviews welcomes shorter and thoughtful discussions of a particularly relevant or emerging issue/topic. And finally, a section we are calling Practice Innovation in Corrections would like to profile what is going on in a given agency/jurisdiction that is especially innovative and can be of interest broadly to others.

THEME for the 14th Edition: “What Else Works…Volume #2”

Our last Edition of Advancing Corrections on the theme of What Else Works received a very enthusiastic response. In order to give an opportunity to other researchers and practitioners who might wish to address this theme, we have decided to publish a 2nd Volume on the same theme. Once again, we would like to explore what types of programs, services, activities, policies and/or practices seem to be making a difference (or could be making a difference) even if direct evidence in affecting re-offending may not be either yet available or easily determined. 

  • We especially invite reasoned arguments for why the traditional What Works approach should be modified and how;
  • Descriptions of ‘system-level’ recasting of services that are connected and delivered ‘as an integrated whole’ – either in prison, in the community, or in helping individuals to transition from the prison to the community.
  • Well-integrated community support and services to help marginalized individuals overcome barriers and the challenges of reintegration;
  • The benefits of partnerships with NGOs, other government sectors, research institutions and other stakeholders in introducing change and improving correctional performance;
  • Importantly, there should be some clear theoretical coherence and/or qualitative or quantitative evaluation data to support the models or frameworks that are described.
  • New research findings are especially welcomed where there is a clear implication for What Else May Work in helping shape corrections towards excellence.
Deadline for submissions: 30 July 2022
Manuscripts should follow the Guidelines for Authors for the Journal. More information is available on this link