23 Sep 2022

Hunger in Haiti Appeal

Health through Walls appeals for the support of our Global Corrections Community to end starvation in Haitian prisons

My name is Ivan Calder and I am the Chair of the ICPA Healthcare Network and the CEO for Health through Walls.  I am writing to you to ask for your immediate help in supporting a fundraising campaign to prevent men and women from dying of starvation while incarcerated in the Haitian prison system.  You may be aware of the civil unrest and natural disasters that have affected Haiti, and the instability in the Haitian government since the assassination of President Moise last year. These factors have directly impacted the criminal justice system, and created food insecurity for the incarcerated people in places of detention (11,000 men, women , and children). A recent study by the University of Florida indicates that the current calorific content of the food provided is commensurate with starvation.  This is evident as the level of deaths in custody from starvation increases.
We have confirmed the new reports that four prisoners in Jacmel prison have died from starvation in the past two weeks. Your actions have never been more important.
We need to raise $48K and I am hoping that you will share the presentation 'Hunger in Haiti' presentation that I recently delivered to our colleagues from the American College of Correctional Physicians, and draw your networks attention to the last slide (7) which details how to donate for this life-saving cause. 
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If you are able to provide a donation please do so via the following link: https://gofund.me/dd0bcada
We will use the funds to expand our sustainable food security initiatives (chicken farming, aquaponics, and peanut production) in Haitian prisons, and to prevent further deaths in custody. 
I would also welcome any introductions that you can provide to help us to resolve this human rights atrocity.
I can be contacted via phone/WhatsApp on +1-347-712-0271, or via email at [email protected].