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2nd Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal & Call for Papers: Issue #3

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the second issue of the journal “Advancing Corrections”.

This issue includes 15 original papers with authors from Canada, America, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and Africa. The response to the last Call for Papers was overwhelming and with the support of our international Editorial Board, we could choose ‘la crème de la crème’ for our readers. The mix of authors we have been able to attract is also encouragingly representative of the community of corrections professionals we want to engage – academics and/or researchers, consultants, senior corrections officials, including a few heads of service, front-line practitioners, public and private sector – all with something interesting to say, perhaps said a bit differently in each case, but said with honesty, thoughtfulness and some scholarly substance. We hope you enjoy this second issue of Advancing Corrections and we welcome your feedback.

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Advancing Corrections Journal Edition #3 – Call for Papers Closes on 30 January 2017!

We would like each issue of Advancing Corrections to focus on a particular theme. For the third issue, we would especially welcome manuscripts that describe innovative and integrated approaches for service-delivery to offenders — programming and/or interventions that are either (or both) prison and community-based, and that have either some qualitative or quantitative evaluation data to support them. We tend to think in corrections that evidence–informed means more of the same, whereas innovative means not evidence-informed. We want to profile that there is also design and development in corrections that is both evidence-informed and innovative. Of special interest would be hearing about ‘implementation stories’, documentation of the steps taken to ensure successful implementation of well integrated correctional interventions.

Call for Papers and Guidelines for Authors for the Journal:

For the next issue of Advancing Corrections we ask that you submit your paper electronically by 30 January 2017 to Aleksandar Petrov at the ICPA Head Office (, with a copy to Dr. Frank Porporino, Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Expert Group and Editor of the Journal (

Author: Dr. Frank Porporino