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Staff Training and Development Committee: Sub-Committee on Community Development

In March 2017 Robert Brown, a committee member of the ICPA Staff Training and Development Committee was appointed to head a Sub-Committee on Community Corrections. This group currently comprises 14 individuals from every continent with further representation being sought from colleagues in South America.

The Mission of the Sub-Committee is:

Grounded in the rule of law, human rights and good governance, the mission is to advance community corrections staff training and development opportunities that support the Staff Training & Development Committee and contribute to advancing the ICPA’s Mission and Vision.

The five Objectives are:

  1. To contribute to the ICPA Founding Statements related to Training in Corrections, and Reintegration of Prisoners while ensuring consistency with the Association Value “Effective community corrections and the use of imprisonment only as a last resort”;
  2. To develop and promote policies and standards in consultation with, and for the training of individuals from public, private and voluntary sectors involved with the operation of effective community corrections including inter-agency partners (e.g.police liaison, mental health workers);
  3. To offer advice, when appropriate, to governments; policy makers; community corrections’ administrators and managers; international associations (e.g. Confederation of European Probation); and, international organizations (e.g. United Nations Development Programme) in encouraging their support for: a) the adoption by community corrections of good personnel policies; and, b) the routine updating and improving of the training for staff and others associated with the implementation and maintenance of effective community corrections;
  4. To enhance co-operation in the development of curriculum; lesson plans; training techniques; and, needs analysis and compliance review formats, between regions, countries, public, private and voluntary sectors involved in the implementation and effective maintenance of community corrections;
  5. To support, where possible, training and development activities involving jurisdictions: considering the implementation of community corrections; implementing non-custodial measures; or seeking to enhance community corrections capabilities.

Although the Sub-Committee will work in concert with the ICPA Community Corrections Expert Group, it has undertaken initiatives on its own to help gather the information needed for future work. One such activity is the development of an Internal Self Audit/Review Instrument on institution’s compliance with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for Non-custodial Measures, often called the “Tokyo Rules”.

The Sub-Committee on Community Corrections will be an active and exciting addition to the ICPA’s activities and any members wishing to be a part of it should contact Bob Brown at:

Author: Gary Hill