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Corrections Through Labour: A Russian Reintegration Programme

22nd May 2017

A new kind of production is mastered in Birobidzhan’s juvenile colony. The facility produces PVC windows. The young offenders work in their spare time under the guidance of specialists, so they acquire skills that could be useful for them after release. This production fulfills internal needs. According to the signed contracts, the new windows will be sent to the penal colony No.10, and the Medical Correctional Institution No.2 of this region. These windows will be installed within these institutions, in the administrative buildings, cafeteria, the dormitory for the prisoners, and the tuberculosis housing. A large part of the order is already executed. Acting Head of Birobidzhan, Stanislav Kirillov commented that ‘The plan for the development of the production […]

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The Technology Solutions Group: Digital Transformation of Corrections.

15th February 2017

ICPA encourages the use of technology, based on available research, to assist with the management in custody and in the community of offenders and to support their education and skill development. People and organisations are impacted on the way technology today is changing our lives on a daily basis. The use of technology changes the way people live and interact. The use of technology can enhance the quality of life for both staff and offenders if it is integrated in a broader vision and strategy on how corrections should involve. Technology can also enhance safety and security in prisons and contribute to better public safety. Effective use of technology can […]

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2nd Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal & Call for Papers: Issue #3

22nd November 2016

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the second issue of the journal “Advancing Corrections”. This issue includes 15 original papers with authors from Canada, America, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and Africa. The response to the last Call for Papers was overwhelming and with the support of our international Editorial Board, we could choose ‘la crème de la crème’ for our readers. The mix of authors we have been able to attract is also encouragingly representative of the community of corrections professionals we want to engage – academics and/or researchers, consultants, senior corrections officials, including a few heads of service, front-line practitioners, public and private sector […]

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ACA’s 146th Congress of Correction, Boston August 2016

27th September 2016

More than 3,000 correctional professionals gathered August 5-10 for the ACA summer conference in Boston.  Panel discussions, presentations, and over 100 workshops on facility design, accreditation preparedness, and staff training were featured.  Information on the new UN Mandela Rules for the treatment of prisoners was highlighted. In addition, the huge exhibition hall housed over 200 firms and organizations promoting equipment and services from barbed wire, restraining gear and prisoner transportation vans to correction office training systems, new rehabilitation programs and spiritual guidance courses. In an interview, James A. Gondles, Jr., ACA Executive Director for twenty-six years, mentioned that this year’s conference has paid special attention to issues relating to the […]

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Guidelines for the Implementation of Mother-Child Units in Canadian Correctional Facilities

1st June 2016

These guidelines are predicated on the clear and compelling evidence that early mother-infant bonding supports positive future outcomes for the child, and that the child has a right to non-discrimination. In this document, we describe guiding principles, and the practices that are required for optimal child and maternal health inside a correctional facility, including the correctional context, pregnancy, birth, education, correctional and medical care, discharge planning and community partner engagement. In Canadian Correctional Facilities Canadian federal institutions, four years is the upper age for children in mother-child units; therefore, these guidelines cover children up to the age of four years. For the purpose of these guidelines, we define infant as […]

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1st Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal

23rd May 2016

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the newly launched journal “Advancing Corrections”. The Advancing Corrections Journal: lSSN 2517-9233 is a peer-reviewed publication that provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for the dissemination of new research, policies and practices related to advancing professional corrections worldwide. The aim is to provide an opportunity for both researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines (criminal justice, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, public health, and social work) to publish papers that examine issues from a variety of perspectives in a unique, interdisciplinary forum. Advancing Corrections is intended to fill the need for researchers to speak more clearly to practitioners […]

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