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Sharing Exemplary Practices in Prison Design

15th February 2017

Following the 2012 Mexico City ICPA Conference, the Board created a standing Planning and Design Committee. At the next two conferences in Colorado Springs, USA and Windhoek, Namibia, the fledgling Committee met with those attendees with an interest in the planning and design of prison environments. The consistent and overarching interest was the ability of the Committee to serve as a facilitator of information and examples of innovative approaches to planning and design for prison officials worldwide. The ICPA Conference in Melbourne served as a turning point for the Committee. More delegates attended the two meetings than ever before and at the close of the conference, the University of Technology […]

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Plans are Useless but Planning is Essential

11th March 2016

Both of these statements are paraphrases from two famous men who dramatically altered the outcome of World War II: Eisenhower and Churchill.  While both statements were made in the context of military actions, their relevance in the global evolution of prison systems is apropos. In nations that practice the rule of law, one could say that as laws are enacted which require a sanction of imprisonment, so too does the need, or not, for prisons. Hence, the need to consider the value of planning for transformative environments is pertinent. First, consider the need for strategic planning. One of the basic laws of physics is that for every action, there is […]

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