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Staff Training and Development Committee: Sub-Committee on Community Development

22nd May 2017

In March 2017 Robert Brown, a committee member of the ICPA Staff Training and Development Committee was appointed to head a Sub-Committee on Community Corrections. This group currently comprises 14 individuals from every continent with further representation being sought from colleagues in South America. The Mission of the Sub-Committee is: Grounded in the rule of law, human rights and good governance, the mission is to advance community corrections staff training and development opportunities that support the Staff Training & Development Committee and contribute to advancing the ICPA’s Mission and Vision. The five Objectives are: To contribute to the ICPA Founding Statements related to Training in Corrections, and Reintegration of Prisoners […]

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Sharing Exemplary Practices in Prison Design

15th February 2017

Following the 2012 Mexico City ICPA Conference, the Board created a standing Planning and Design Committee. At the next two conferences in Colorado Springs, USA and Windhoek, Namibia, the fledgling Committee met with those attendees with an interest in the planning and design of prison environments. The consistent and overarching interest was the ability of the Committee to serve as a facilitator of information and examples of innovative approaches to planning and design for prison officials worldwide. The ICPA Conference in Melbourne served as a turning point for the Committee. More delegates attended the two meetings than ever before and at the close of the conference, the University of Technology […]

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Implementing Information Technology in Corrections in the Developing World

11th March 2016

As corrections in the developing world moves away from punishment and towards the challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, corrections officials are searching for ways to improve both their efficiency and effectiveness. There is often a lack of resources available to manage and provide quality correctional services, even when the will to do so is enduring. Compounding the challenge is the fact that most corrections and prison systems in developing nations have been unable to join the information age; they continue to rely on traditional paper-driven, resource intensive, unreliable, unsecure and difficult-to-access record keeping. Pursuing humane and professional correctional aims for the rehabilitation of offenders is a complicated task […]

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