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Request for Submission of Good Practices in Prevention and Care of Tuberculosis and Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Prisons

5th April 2017

Ambitious post-2015 global End TB Strategy, with the goal to end the global TB epidemic, was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2014 through resolution WHA 67.1. The success of the End TB Strategy, among others, depends on effective addressing of tuberculosis concentration and transmission within high-risk populations, including inmates. For instance, the tuberculosis notification rate in prisons, reported in 2015 was 1,055 per 100,000 population, 24 times the notification rate in the general population. In order to facilitate the scale-up of effective interventions in prevention and control of tuberculosis in prisons, WHO is developing a Compendium of good practices in prevention and care of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis […]

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The R2Pris Project – Radicalization Prevention in Prisons

20th February 2017

R2Pris, Radicalization Prevention in Prisons, is a consortium of 6 European countries and ICPA, EuroPris, the European Centre for Penitentiary Studies, the Beira Interior University law enforcement, justice and public safety research and technology transfer lab and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems. The 6 participating nations are Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, and Turkey. The goals of the project are to: Create awareness on the broad picture of terrorism, the mind set and narratives used by understanding why prisons are a breeding ground for radicalization; the difference between conversion, radicalization and moving to extremist views (terminology); the pathways and levels of radicalization, role in the network; recruitment tactics employed within the prison […]

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