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Request for Submission of Good Practices in Prevention and Care of Tuberculosis and Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Prisons

5th April 2017

Ambitious post-2015 global End TB Strategy, with the goal to end the global TB epidemic, was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2014 through resolution WHA 67.1. The success of the End TB Strategy, among others, depends on effective addressing of tuberculosis concentration and transmission within high-risk populations, including inmates. For instance, the tuberculosis notification rate in prisons, reported in 2015 was 1,055 per 100,000 population, 24 times the notification rate in the general population. In order to facilitate the scale-up of effective interventions in prevention and control of tuberculosis in prisons, WHO is developing a Compendium of good practices in prevention and care of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis […]

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The R2Pris Project – Radicalization Prevention in Prisons

20th February 2017

R2Pris, Radicalization Prevention in Prisons, is a consortium of 6 European countries and ICPA, EuroPris, the European Centre for Penitentiary Studies, the Beira Interior University law enforcement, justice and public safety research and technology transfer lab and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems. The 6 participating nations are Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, and Turkey. The goals of the project are to: Create awareness on the broad picture of terrorism, the mind set and narratives used by understanding why prisons are a breeding ground for radicalization; the difference between conversion, radicalization and moving to extremist views (terminology); the pathways and levels of radicalization, role in the network; recruitment tactics employed within the prison […]

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Art and Prison’s 4th International Art Competition

26th January 2017

“Between here and there” is the theme of the fourth international art competition .  Art is a universal language that connects people. You can “between here and there” build bridges. It can also highlight the demolition of commonality. It sets the imagination The spectrum of what we commonly call “good or evil”, “free or unfree”, “guilty or not” “The” freedom of art “is filled with life, and it opens up inner spaces that do not exist Grid more. Start Date: January 1, 2017 Deadline : June 30, 2017 Patronage : Donata Baroness Schenck zu Schweinsberg, Vice-President of the German Red Cross Terms of Participation Men, women, young adults and young […]

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Official Launch of a Prison Reform Project in Bulgaria

15th December 2016

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, General Directorate Execution of the Sentences, and the Council of Europe recently organised a conference which announced the official start of the project “Support for the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights judgements and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment standards and recommendations in Bulgaria (Prison Reform)”. The event took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 6th December. Key Speakers were: Raluca Ivan – Project Manager, Criminal Law Co-operation Unit, Human Right and Rule of Law, Council of Europe. Krasimira Filipova – Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria […]

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Jilava Penitentiary – Where History Meets the Present

3rd November 2016

The participants of the 18th ICPA Annual Conference in Romania had the chance to visit Jilava Penitentiary. During the tour attendees had the opportunity to learn about this unique and historical establishment, and we would like to share this information with you in this article.  Bucharest Jilava Penitentiary was set up in 1907, on the premises of Fort No. 13 Jilava, one of 18 forts built in 1860-1870, around the city of Bucharest, which was part of the circular defensive system of the capital, aimed at defending against attacks by Turkish armies. Since World War I and especially after that, until the 23rd of August 1944, Jilava Penitentiary became a detention […]

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Insight Inside: HMP High Down – Providing a Solid Foundation for Reintegration

31st May 2016

Opened in 1992 High down is situated opposite HMP Downview in Sutton. Built on the site of a former mental hospital at Banstead, the establishment serves the Crown Court at Guildford and Croydon and surrounding magistrate courts. HMP High Down is a category B local, male prison and it has the operational capacity of 1163 inmates. The prison has four Houseblocks each with 181 spaces in single and double occupancy. Two additional Houseblocks are now open and each of them will house 176 prisoners. All of the new accommodation is single cell and have integral sanitation. The new cells are spread over three landings and all of the landings have their own showers and pin phone system […]

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