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1st International Correctional Research Symposium – Overview

19th May 2017

The International Corrections and Prisons Association in collaboration with EuroPris and the Belgian Prisons Service organised the 1st International Correctional Research Symposium in Ghent, Belgium, 27-29 March 2017. The main theme of the symposium was ‘Enhancing Comparability and Understanding’. 116 professionals from 36 countries attended the event.This Symposium was a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about the way jurisdictions from across the globe conduct researches and to look at current methodologies, the way data is collected and reported.Presentations included topics related to International Standards and Reforms, Management of Research, Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Measuring Performance, Community Corrections and Probation, Healthcare, Technology and Rehabilitation. This inaugural event allowed us […]

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Exposure to Trauma among Women Offenders: A Review of the Literature

31st May 2016

Given high rates of trauma among women offenders and evidence of positive gains associated with support in this area, trauma and trauma-informed treatment should be available for women with histories of physical and sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences. All of the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC’s) programs for women offenders are trauma-informed; in addition, CSC offers the Survivors of Abuse and Trauma program, which provides counselling to women offenders to deal with issues of trauma. Although program participants reported benefits from their participation, long-term and in-depth follow-up research could provide further support for the continuation of the program. A review of the literature found that, while many offenders of […]

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Turning Research into Action

31st May 2016

Few would dispute that in advancing corrections, or progressive criminal justice policy more generally, we should be guided by ‘evidence’. We keep hearing the refrain that what we do should be evidence-based. But what evidence should we be using, where is it, how do we find it, and how do we try to understand it. A major disconnect in the field is that ‘what we know’ is published mostly in academic journals, read mostly by other academics and researchers. But evidence is of little value unless it is understood and put into action. What we know has difficulty becoming ‘what we do’ if it can’t be easily digested and appreciated […]

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1st Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal

23rd May 2016

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the newly launched journal “Advancing Corrections”. The Advancing Corrections Journal: lSSN 2517-9233 is a peer-reviewed publication that provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for the dissemination of new research, policies and practices related to advancing professional corrections worldwide. The aim is to provide an opportunity for both researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines (criminal justice, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, public health, and social work) to publish papers that examine issues from a variety of perspectives in a unique, interdisciplinary forum. Advancing Corrections is intended to fill the need for researchers to speak more clearly to practitioners […]

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University of New Brunswick – Offender Case Management Study

9th February 2016

Researchers at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus are conducting a survey on current offender case management and supervision practices in the field. The purpose of the current study is to gather information to help inform case management application procedures and training development for staff. This research study is being conducted by Cailey Gilmurray, a graduate student, and her supervisor, Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick. In order to be eligible to participate in the current […]

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