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Art for Change: Innovative Rehabilitation Programme Drastically Reduced Recidivism in Prison

9th March 2017

When an arts-based, nonprofit organization claims to have developed a prisoner rehabilitation program that reduces recidivism to less than five percent, criminal justice experts may shake their heads in disbelief. Yet that is what Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) a non-profit organization based in New York State has done. Their program has improved prison morale and safety, caused the incarcerated population to act more respectfully and work more cooperatively, and helping people in prison build the life skills necessary to make it on the outside. RTA has the results to prove it: a five-year contract awarded by NY State’s Department of Corrections; independently published research demonstrating fewer infractions; and greater […]

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An Art-Inspired Innovative Approach Changes Prisoner Behaviour – A Case Study

31st May 2016

Most criminal justice experts are skeptical when an arts-based non-profit organization claims to have developed a rehabilitation program that improves prison morale and makes prison safer…yet alone makes the population more respectful and work more cooperatively…and, seemingly impossible, helps prisoners build the life skills they need to make it on the outside.  Skeptical is an understatement! But Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA) has accomplished all that.  They have the results to prove it: a five-year contract awarded by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS), independent published research demonstrating fewer infractions and greater pursuit of higher education among its participants, and a documented recidivism of less […]

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